Worldwide Companies – I Answers

1 Who is new CEO of Yahoo? Ans) Scott Thompson
2 With which company would you associate Thomas Edison? Ans) GE
3 Nokia is headquartered in which of the following Countries? Ans)Finland
4 Sergy Brin and “Larry Page” are the founders of which search engine Ans)Google
5 Etihad Airways is based in Ans)Abu Dhabi
6 Who is  Microsoft’s “chief executive officer”? Ans)Steve Ballmer
7 “Intel” is headquartered in Ans)USA
8  Name the CEO of Enron who was indicted in the famous fraud which resulted in Enron”s bankruptcy? Ans)Bernard Stevens
9 Etihad Airways is the name of the national airlines of Ans) United Arab  Emirates
10 Carrefour, one of the world’s top three retain chain stores belongs to Ans)France
11 Research in motion is the company of which of the fallowing country? Ans)Canada
12 Who is the new CEO and MD of Renault-Nissan? Ans) Kou Kimura
13 Software giant Microsoft has appointed ________as chairman for itsIndiaoperations. Ans) Bhaskar  Pramanik
14 Who is the new President and CEO of Pfizer? Ans) Ian C Read
15 Which brand has retained the top spot at Interbrand’s annual ranking of the 100 ‘Best Global Brands’ for the 11th consecutive year? Ans) Coca-Cola

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