GK Quiz: World Record – I

1 The largest fresh water lake – “Lake Superior” is located in
A)North America
2 Which is regarded as the driest desert in the World?
3  Which is the largest country with only one time zone?
A) India
B) China
C) Russia
D) Canada
4  Among the following languages, which one of the following has the largest  number of speakers in the world?
A) Spanish
B) English
C)  French
D)  Hindi
5  What is the world rank of India in terms of milk production?
A) Second
B) Third
C) First
D) Fourth
6  Which is the longest road tunnel in the world?
A) Lardal Tunnel
B) Jawahar Tunnel
C) Fréjus Tunnel
D) Toven Tunnel
7  The country which ranks second in terms of land area is
A) Canada
B) China
C) Australia
D) None of these
8  Who was first to reach the South Pole?
A)Rear Admiral
B)Capt. Ronald Amundsen
C)Capt. R. E. Scett
D)Sir Edmund Hillary
9 Where is the world’s largest mangrove forest?
A) Sunderbans, India
B) Amazon basin, Brazil
C) Florida Peninsula, USA
D) Caribbean Islands
10 Name the world’s oldest University.
A) University of Paris
B) Al-Azhar University
C) University of Sienna
D) University of Toulouse
11 India ranks first in the world production of which fruit?
A) Apple
B) Banana
C) Mango
D) Papaya
12 India is the world’s largest producer of which mineral?
A) Kaolin
B) Graphite
C) Mica
D) Magnesite.
13  Which of the following is the largest exporter of Tea?
A) India
B) Brazil
C) China
D) Srilanka
14  Which of the following countries having World’s Largest Uranium Reserves?
A) Australia
B) Canada
C) Russia
D) Kazakhstan
15  Which of the following is the smallest country of the world?
A) Tuvalu
B) Vatican
C) Nauru
D) Kuwait


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