World Politics - 2

21Who is the new President of Somalia elected in September 2012?
 A) Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
 B) Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
 C) Mohamed Morsi
 D) None of These
22Former Pakistan Cricket team captain Imran Khan has launched which of the below political parties?
 A) Pakistan Peoples Party
 B) Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf
 C) Pakistan democratic party
 D) Pakistan national party
23Barack Obama was re-elected as the President of USA and be became only the ____ Democrat to win a second four-year term as the US President since World War II.
 A) Fourth
 B) First
 C) Third
 D) Second
24Recently who in the list has been elected as the President of Fiji for the second term in November 2012?
 A) Ratu Epeli Nailatikau
 B) Mahendra Chaudhry
 C) Josefa Iloilo
 D) Kamisese Mara
25Who has recently become the first Non-White President of Brazil's Supreme Court?
 A) Carlos Ayres Britto
 B) Marcos Valério
 C) Joaquim Barbosa
 D) Gilmar Mendes
26Who has been chosen by the ruling Communist party of China to lead the country for at least next 5 years as the new General Secretary of the Party-s seven-member Politburo standing committee in Nov 2012?
 A) Li Keqiang
 B) Hu Jintao
 C) Wen Jiabao
 D) Xi Jinping
27Aung San Suu Kyi (66) became Myanmars leader of the opposition in April after spending most of the last two decades in detention for her non-violent struggle for democracy. she belongs to which party?
 A) National Party for Democracy
 B) National League of People
 C) National League for Democracy
 D) Peoples' League for Democracy
28Time Magazine named whom as the "Person of the Year 2012" in December 2012?
 A) Hu Jintao
 B) Bill Gates
 C) Malala Yousufzai
 D) Barack Obama
29US President Barack Obama has nominated whom as the new Secretary of State, replacing Hilary Clinton?
 A) John Edwards
 B) John McCain
 C) Al Gore
 D) John Kerry
30Who has been elected as the new Prime Minister of Japan after the election held in Dec 2012?
 A) Yoshihiko Noda
 B) Shintaro Ishihara
 C) Junichiro Koizumi
 D) Shinzo Abe
31Who has been elected as the president of South Korea in Dec 2012?
 A) Park Geun-hye
 B) Ahn Cheol?Soo
 C) Lee Myung?bak
 D) Moon Jae-in
32Who won the Czech Republic's first direct presidential election held in January 2013?
 A) Karel Schwarzenberg
 B) Vaclav Klaus
 C) Milos Zeman
 D) Jan Fischer
33Who has been officially elected as China-s new President and head of the military in March 2013?
 A) Xi Jinping
 B) Wen Jiabao
 C) Li Keqiang
 D) Hu Jintao
34Who has been selected as the premier (Prime Minister)or Communist Party of China-s second ranking leader of China in March 2013?
 A) Xi Jinping
 B) Wen Jiabao
 C) Li Keqiang
 D) Hu Jintao
35Margaret Thatcher, known as "Iron Lady" passed away in April 2013. She was first female PM of which country?
 A) Germany
 C) France
 D) UK
36Who has become new President of Venezuela after Presidential election held in April 2013 after death of Hugo Chavez?
 A) Elías Jaua
 B) Henrique Capriles
 C) Diosdado Cabello
 D) Nicolas Maduro
37Who has been elected unopposed the 20th president of Bangladesh in April 2013?
 A) Abdul Hamid
 B) Sheikh Hasina
 C) Hussain Muhammad Ershad
 D) Zillur Rahman
38Which US President is the first ever to resign from the office?
 A) John F. Kennedy
 B) Bill Clinton
 C) Richard Nixon
 D) Lyndon B. Johnson
39Germany's First woman Chancellor is __________.
 A) Portia Simpson Miller
 B) Dr. Michelle Bachelet
 C) Angela Markel
 D) Margaret Thatcher
40The First Woman Prime Minister Of England is __________.
 A) Portia Simpson Miller
 B) Margaret Thatcher
 C) Dr. Michelle Bachelet
 D) Anne Warburton

Check below for Answers.........
21Ans) Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
22Ans) Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf
23Ans) Second
24Ans) Ratu Epeli Nailatikau
25Ans) Joaquim Barbosa
26Ans) Xi Jinping
27Ans) National League for Democracy
28Ans) Barack Obama
29Ans) John Kerry
30Ans) Shinzo Abe
31Ans) Park Geun-hye
32Ans) Milos Zeman
33Ans) Xi Jinping
34Ans) Li Keqiang
35Ans) UK
36Ans) Nicolas Maduro
37Ans) Abdul Hamid
38Ans) Richard Nixon
39Ans) Angela Markel
40 Ans) Margaret Thatcher