World Politics – III Answers

31 Who is the new governor of South Carolina? Ans) Nikki Haley
32 Which former Indian born Prime Minister of Fiji has been arrested for allegedly breaching the military government’s emergency regulations? Ans) Mahendra Chaudhry
33 ‘United People’s Freedom Alliance’ recently won a majority in the parliamentary elections in- Ans) Sri Lanka
34 The Central Asian country which recently came into news for political turmoil is- Ans) Kyrgyzstan
35 Who has been reappointed as Prime Minister of Mauritius Ans) Navinchandra Ramgoolam
36 Who is the new President of Germany Ans) Christian Wulff
37 Who is the new Prime Minister of Sri Lanka? Ans) D.M Jayaratne
38 Which is the parliament of Sweden Ans) Riksdag
39 The United Kingdom is Ans) a constitutional monarchy
40 The President of the United States of America is all of the following EXCEPT Ans) the chief justice of the Supreme Court
41 Who is the current President of Israel? Ans) Shimon Peres
42 Who was the first Roman Catholic and the youngest American to be elected to the office of the President of USA? Ans) John. F. Kennedy
43 Who was elected Sri Lanka’s first Prime Minister in 1944? Ans) Don Stephen Senanayake
44 Who among the following has been nominated by Barack Obama as the US Secretary of State? Ans) Hillary Clinton
45 Who is the present ISI chief of Pakistan? Ans) Lt Gen Zaheerul-Islam

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