World Politics – II Answers


16 “Majlis” is the parliament of which of the following countries? Ans)Iran
17 Who is the first lady President of the world? Ans)Sirimavo Bandaranaike
18 Which American President was involved in the Watergate scandal? Ans)President Richard Nixon
19 Who was appointed as Singapore’s new foreign affairs minister on May 18, 2011? Ans)K. Shanmugam
20 Who is the new president of Haiti? Ans) Michel Martelly
21 Who is the new head ofCuba’s ruling Communist Party? Ans) Raul Castro
22 Who has been nominated as member of National Council on the Arts by President Barack Obama? Ans) Deepa Gupta
23 Who has been re-elected as the president ofUganda? Ans) Yoweri Museveni
24 NameLibya’s ambassador toIndiawho recently resigned in protest at his government’s violent crackdown on demonstrators calling for the ouster of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi. Ans) Ali al-Essawi
25 Who is the new prime minister of Jordan? Ans) Marouf Bakhit
26 Who is the longest serving president ofEgyptwho is responsible for the current uprising in the country? Ans) Hosni Mubarak
27 Who is the new Prime minister ofIreland? Ans) Brian Cowen
28 Who has been sworn in as the 39th governor of California? Ans) Jerry Brown
29 Who has been sworn in as president of Sri Lankafor the second time? Ans) Mahinda Rajapakse
30 Who is the new president of Brazil Ans) Dilma Rousseff

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