World Politics – I Answers

1 Who is the new President of Cuba who was elected on February 24th 2008? Ans) Raúl Castro
2 The country who first enacted the Right of Information Ans) Sweden
3 Which of the following countries is the latest in the series of having the first woman prime minister? Ans) Australia
4 Which country did robert mugabe belong to? Ans) ZIMBABWE
5 Who is the only sitting leader in the World to be wanted by the International Criminal Court? Ans)Omar Hassan Al Bashir
6 In which country is President rotated after one year tenure? Ans) Switzerland
7 Who according to Google was the most searched individual in 2009? Ans) Sarah Palin
8 Who among the following has been nominated to become the U.S. Attorney for Southern District of New York, by US President Barack Obama? Ans) Preet Bharara
9 According to Historians, without this person, Russian Revolution of 1917 would not have happened at all Who is this person? Ans) Rasputin
10 Which US President is the first ever to resign from the office? Ans) Richard Nixon
11 Who is US’s ‘SECRETARY OF STATE’ appointed by Obama Ans) Hillary Clinton
12 Who among the following characterized bureaucracy as a rational-legal authority ? Ans) Max Weber
13 “Government of National Unity” is a concept developed by which one of the following third world countries ? Ans) South Africa
14 “Duma” is the parliament of which of these countries? Ans) Russia
15 Presidential election held in Brazil recently in Dec,2010. The newly elected  Brazilian President  is Ans) Dilima Rousseff

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