World Information - 6

151Which in the below list countries is the home to the greatest number of World Heritage Sites?
 A) France
 B) Italy
 C) Germany
 D) Turkey
152What does last "I" refer to in BRICI countries?
 A) Ireland
 B) Iceland
 C) Indonesia
 D) Iraq
153Which in the below list country is leader in Coffee production?
 A) India
 B) China
 C) Brazil
 D) Indonesia
154The capital of new country South Sudan is _____?
 A) Cape Town
 B) Nairobi
 C) Yambio
 D) Juba
155Which in the below list country is known as  "Land of White Elephant"?
 A) Thailand
 B) Kenya
 C) Brazil
 D) Myanmar
156Which in the below list countries is known as "Land of Thousand Lakes"?
 A) Russia
 B) Finland
 C) Sweden
 D) England
157What is the average density of earth in g/cm3?
 A) 5.515
 B) 4.415
 C) 4.815
 D) 6.315
158World's largest trade centre of diamond is located in which country?
 A) Belgium
 B) South Africa
 C) China
 D) Russia
159"Owen Falls",world's greatest man made lake, located in which country?
 A) Kenya
 B) Uganda
 C) Netherland
 D) Rwanda
160Mogao Caves, also known as "Caves of the Thousand Buddhas" is located in which country?
 A) Cambodia
 B) China
 C) Thailand
 D) Vietnam
161Which in the below list of countries has the largest share in global mangrove areas?
 A) Indonesia
 B) Brazil
 C) India
 D) Mexico
162Which in the below list of European countries is known as the 'Land of a thousand lakes' ?
 A) Russia
 B) Sweden
 C) Finland
 D) England
163Which in the below list of seas is known for highest salinity?
 A) Red Sea
 B) Dead Sea
 C) Caspian Sea
 D) None of These
164Which country launched the first artificial satellite?
 B) US
 C) UK
 D) France
165Which in the below list straits connects the Mediterranean Sea with Atlantic Ocean?
 A) Strait of Gibraltar
 B) Strait of Magellan
 C) Strait of Panama
 D) None of these
166Which in the below list is the highest peak in Africa?
 A) Mount Kilimanjaro
 B) Mount Kenya
 C) Mount Meru
 D) Mount Hanang
167Which in the below list is the most populous country of Africa?
 A) Kenya
 B) Nigeria
 C) Egypt
 D) Algeria
168What is the capital of Ecuador?
 A) Nairobi
 B) Quito
 C) La Paz
 D) Lima
169Which in the below list of tunnels connects France and Italy?
 A) Mont Blanc Tunnel
 B) Gotthard Base Tunnel
 C) Queens way Tunnel
 D) None of these
170Which in the below list is known as Treaty on European Union?
 A) Lisbon Treaty
 B) Paris Treaty
 C) Maastricht Treaty
 D) Treaty of Rome
171Statue of Liberty, which recently completed 125 years was a gift to American people from which country?
 A) Italy
 B) UK
 C) France
 D) Germany
172Goa was declared as India's 25th state in which year?
 A) 1984
 B) 1987
 C) 1989
 D) 1990
17338th Parallel Border Line divided which in the below list ?
 A) Poland and Germany
 B) India and China
 C  North and South Korea
 D) US and Canada
174G-77 is a group of _________?
 A) Capitalist countries
 B) Socialist countries
 C) Developing countries
 D) Underdeveloped Countries
175Which in the below list of countries is also known as Crossroads of Central Asia?
 A) Uzbekistan
 B) Afghanistan
 C) Iran
 D) Turkmenistan
176Which in the below list of countries is world's largest Milk Producing country?
 A) India
 B) Brazil
 C) China
 D) New Zealand
177Which in the below list is world's largest freshwater lake?
 A) Caspian Sea
 B) Lake Baikal
 C) Lake Superior
 D) Lake Chilka
178Which country is the largest producer of Uranium?
 A) Australia
 B) Canada
 C) China
179The "Temple of the Emerald Buddha" is located in which country?
 A) China
 B) Cambodia
 C) Malaysia
 D) Thailand
180Which in the below list of cities is located on the banks of Tiber River?
 A) London
 B) Rome
 C) Geneva
 D) Venis

Check below for Answers.........
151Ans) Italy
152Ans) Indonesia
153Ans) Brazil
154Ans) Juba
155Ans) Thailand
156Ans) Finland
157Ans) 5.515
158Ans) Belgium (Antwerp)
159Ans) Uganda
160Ans) China
161Ans) Indonesia
162Ans) Finland
163Ans) Dead Sea
164Ans) USSR
165Ans) Strait of Gibraltar
166Ans) Mount Kilimanjaro
167Ans) Nigeria
168Ans) Quito
169Ans) Mont Blanc Tunnel
170Ans) Maastricht Treaty
171Ans) France
172Ans) 1987
173Ans) North & South Korea
174Ans) Developing countries
175Ans) Afghanistan
176Ans) India
177Ans) Lake Superior
178Ans) Canada
179Ans) Thailand
180Ans) Rome

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