World Information - 3

61The country also known as country of Copper is
 B)South Africa
62The country which ranks second in terms of land area is
 A) Canada
 B) China
 C) Australia
 D) None of these
63The country which is the largest producer of manganese in the world is
 B) Australia
 C) India
 D) Japan
64What is the currency of Mexico?
 A) Lira
 B) Peso
 C) Mexican dollars
 D) Krones
65What is the currency of Portugal?
 A) Escudo
 B) Guilder
 C) Mark
 D) Schilling
66The workshop of Europe is
 A) Denmark
 B) Belgium
 C) Rome
 D) Norway
67Which of the following is the largest exporter of Tea?
 A) India
 B) Brazil
 C) China
 D) Srilanka
68"Majlis" is the parliament of which of the following countries?
 A) Iran
 B) Pakistan
 C) Afghanistan
 D) Turkey
69Which of the following countries having World-s Largest Uranium Reserves?
 A) Australia
 B) Canada
 C) Russia
 D) Kazakhstan
70Which of the following is the smallest country of the world?
 A) Tuvalu
 B) Vatican
 C) Nauru
 D) Kuwait
71The Senkaku island are group of disputed inhabited island between which two neighbour countries?
 A) Russia and China
 B) Japan and Russia
 C) China and USA
 D) China and Japan
72What is the capital of Kuwait?
 A) Tehran
 B) Kabul
 C) Sana'a
 D) Kuwait City
73Lira was the currency of which country before accepting Euro?
 A) Germany
 B) Italy
 D) Myanmar
74The currency of Botswana is
 A) Pula
 B) Lev
 C) Riel
 D) Peso
75The capital of Israel is ______________.
 A) Tel Aviv
 B) Bethlehem
 C) Jerusalem
 D) Nazareth
76Which is the least populated country in the world?
 A )Luxemburg
 B) Zaire
 C) The Vatican
 D) Mongolia
77Which is the largest coffee growing country in the world?
 A) Bangladesh
 B) Bulgaria
 C) Belize
 D) Brazil
78What is the capital of Chile?
 A) Libreville
 B) Helsinki
 C) Addis Ababa
 D) Santiago
79Ethiopia was formerly known as:
 A) Abyssinia
 B) Damaraland
 C) Butare
 D) Manzini
80Which of the following countries is also known as the Rainbow nation?
 A) Egypt
 B) Greece
 C) Australia
 D) South Africa
81Which of the following countries is the largest producer of tin?
 A) China
 B) Indonesia
 C) Belize
 D) Japan
82How many states are there in the United States of America
  A) 49
 B) 52
 C) 50
 D) 54
83Which country is the Second highest producer of fruit and vegetables in the world?
 A) Brazil
 B) North America
 C) China
 D) India
84The capital of Pakistan till 1959 was
 A) Islamabad
 B) Karachi
 C) Lahore
 D) Hyderabad
85Dakar is the capital of
 A) Romania
 B) Senegal
 C) Syprus
 D) Mozambique
86Which of the following cities in Scotland is also known as the Granite City?
 A) Aberdeen
 B) Dundee
 C) Edinburgh
 D) Glasgow
87What was the former name of Sri Lanka?
 A) Dahomey
 B) Gandhara
 C) Ceylon
 D) Mesopotamia
88What is the old name for Indonesia?
 A) Batavia
 B) Dutch Guiana
 C) Dutch East Indies
 D) Loro See
89What is the national flower of China?
 A) Tree Peony
 B) Rose
 C) Lily
 D) Daffodil
90Which country does not have the rupee as its currency?
 A) Indonesia
 B) Bangladesh
 C) India
 D) Sri Lanka

Check below for Answers.........
61Ans) Zambia
62Ans) China
63Ans) USA
64Ans) Peso
65Ans) Escudo
66Ans) Belgium
67Ans) China
68Ans) Iran
69Ans) Australia
70Ans) Vatican
71Ans) China and Japan
72Ans) Kuwait City
73Ans) Italy
74Ans) Pula
75Ans) Jerusalem
76Ans) The Vatican
77Ans) Brazil
78Ans) Santiago
79Ans) Abyssinia
80Ans) South Africa
81Ans) China
82Ans) 50
83Ans) India
84Ans) Karachi
85Ans) Senegal
86Ans) Aberdeen
87Ans) Ceylon
88Ans) Dutch East Indies
89Ans) Tree Peony
90Ans) Bangladesh