World Information - 1

1The country which ranks second in terms of land area is _______.
 A) Canada
 B) China
 C) Australia
 D) None of these
2The country which is the largest producer of manganese in the world is_______.
 B) Australia
 C) India
 D) Japan
3The workshop of Europe is _______.
 A) Denmark
 B) Belgium
 C) Rome
 D) Norway
4The Senkaku island are group of disputed inhabited island between _______.
 A) Russia and China
 B) Japan and Russia
 C) China and USA
 D) China and Japan
5Which place is known as the roof of the world?
 A) Laos
 B) Lesotho
 C) Tibet
 D) Latvia
6The largest river of Asia is _______.
 A) Mekong
 B) Indus
 C) Yenisei
 D) Yangtze
7Which is the biggest desert in the world?
 A) Kalahari Desert
 B) Gobi Desert
 C) Sahara desert
 D) Patagonian Desert
8Which is the smallest ocean in the world?
 A) Indian ocean
 B) Pacific ocean
 C) Artic ocean
 D) Atlantic ocean
9Which is the largest island in the Mediterranean?
 A) Corsica
 B) Sicily
 C) Sardinia
 D) Cyprus
10Which island is known as the land of cloves?
 A) Trinidad and Tobago
 B) Zanzibar
 C) Spaatz
 D) Oahu
11The Wailing Wall is in which of the following cities?
 A) Hadera
 B) Holon
 C) Jerusalem
 D) Haifa
12Which is the largest pyramid in the world?
 A) The Pyramid of Khafre
 B) The Great Pyramid of Cholula, Mexico.
 C) The Bosnian Pyramid
 D) The Great Pyramid of Giza
13Which strait separates Europe from Africa?
 A) Bosperus
 B) Gibraltar
 C) Dover
 D) Bering
14Which of the following countries was badly affected by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011?
 A) Indonesia
 B) Sri Lanka
 C) Japan
 D) China
15The largest  (12.76 carat) rough pink diamond ever found in Australia was discovered in a West Australian mine owned by Rio Tinto. What was diamond named?
 A) Argyle Pink Jubilee
 B) Williams Pink
 C) Aurora Butterfly of Peace
 D) Eureka Diamond
16Which country is known as -the sugar bowl-?
 A. Brazil
 b. China
 c. Cuba
 d. India
17Which of the following country is the highest producer of Coffee in the world?
 A) Brazil
 B) Vietnam
 C) Colombia
 D) Indonesia
18The Cartagena Protocol is associated with
 (A) GM Foods
 (B) Chemical Weapons
 (C) Bio-Safety
 (D) Green House gases
19What are the 3i countries?
 A) Israel, Iran and Iraq
 B) India, Ireland and Indonesia
 C) Israel, Ireland and India
 D) India, Iraq and Indonesia
20Among the following languages, which one of the following has the largest  number of speakers in the world?
 A) Spanish
 B) English
 C)  French
 D)  Hindi
21Havana is the capital of
 A) Namibia
 B) Cuba
 C) Zimbabwe
 D) Iceland
22A "Blue Book" is official report of
 A) British govt.
 B) French govt.
 C) Dutch govt.
 D) Scottish govt.
23Paul Krugman, the winner of Nobel prize is a columnist for which daily?
 A) Forbes
 B) Bloomberg
 C) New York Times
 D) Time
24Which country has the lowest rate of newspaper circulation per capita?
 A) Indonesia
 B) Iceland
 C) Italy
 D) India
25Which one of these is accounted for, in the measurement of HDI (Human Development Index)?
 A) Education.
 B) Standard of living (PPP US$)
 C) Health and Sanitation
 D) Longevity (Life expectancy)
26Which bird is the International symbol of happiness?
 A) Whooper Swan
 B) Ostrich
 C) Bluebird
 D) Canada Goose
27Which is considered as Fourth largest Railway system in the world
 A) Chinese Railway System
 B) Japanese railway system
 C) Indian Railway System
 D) Russian Railway System
28Guantanamo Bay, prisoner detention centre, is located in which of the following countries?
 A) Panama
 B) Cuba
 C) Mexico
 D) Fiji Islands
29Kuril Island is under territorial dispute between which countries?
 A) Japan and Russia
 B) South Korea and North Korea
 C) Japan and South Korea
 D) Japan and North Korea
30International Rice Research Institute is situated in _______.
 A) Philippines.
 B) Indonesia.
 C) Malaysia.
 D) India.

Check below for Answers.........
1Ans) China
2Ans) USA
3Ans) Belgium
4Ans) China and Japan
5Ans) Tibet
6Ans) Yangtze
7Ans) Sahara desert
8Ans) Artic ocean
9Ans) Sicily
10Ans) Zanzibar
11Ans) Jerusalem
12Ans) The Great Pyramid of Cholula, Mexico.
13Ans) Gibraltar
14Ans) Japan
15Ans) Argyle pink jubilee
16Ans) Cuba
17Ans) Brazil
18Ans) Bio-Safety
19Ans) Israel, Ireland and India
20Ans) Spanish
21Ans) Cuba
22Ans) British govt
23Ans) New York Times
24Ans) Indonesia
25Ans) Health and Sanitation
26Ans) Bluebird
27Ans) Japanese railway system
28Ans) Cuba
29Ans) Japan and Russia
30Ans) Philippines.