World History - 2

21Who is known as the father of history?
 A) Charles Babbage
 B) Norman Borlaug
 C) Herodotus
 D) Adam Smith
22In which year did Hitler become the president of Germany?
 A) 1935
 B) 1938
 C) 1934
 D) 1930
23In which year was the first Nobel Prize awarded?
 A) 1905
 B) 1901
 C) 1904
 D) 1910
24Which is the sacred book of Parsis?
 A) Zend Avesta
 B) Torah
 C) Gita
 D) Bible
25The First World War started in?
 A) 1920
 B) 1918
 C) 1914
 D) 1925
26Which was the first country to issue stamps?
 A) Great Britain
 B) Greece
 C) Germany
 D) Guyana
27__________ is known as the father of English poetry
 A) John Keats
 B) John Milton
 C) Geoffrey Chaucer
 D) Walt Whitman
28Mein Kampf is the autobiography of __________
 A) Che Guevara
 B) Mario Adorf
 C) Adolf Hitler
 D) Madam Curie
29He was the last monarch of Nepal before he was ousted from his throne in 2008 by the Maoists?
 A) King Gyanendra
 B) King Dipendra
 C) King Birendra
 D) King Mahendra
30Who discovered America?
 A) Sir John Ross
 B) Christopher Columbus
 C) Leif Ericsson
 D) Sir James Clark
31Which famous world leader was assassinated in Memphis, USA in 1968?
 A) Abraham Lincoln
 B) J F Kennedy
 C) Harper Lee
 D) Martin Luther King Jr.
32The Declaration of Rights for American Independence was drafted in:
 A) 1779
 B) 1778
 C) 1773
33The Boston Tea Party was a major protest incident leading to the ____________.
 A) French Revolution
 B) American Revolution
 C) Russian Revolution
 D) Irish Revolution
34Where did the Olympic games originate?
 A) France
 B) Switzerland
 C) Ancient Greece
 D) Great Britain
35The European Union (EU) was earlier known as ?
 A)  The Economic Union
 B) The Economic Market
 C) European Market
 D) The Common Market
36Which country/countries started privatisation of Stateowned enterprises as a major State Policy?
 A) U.K. under Mrs. Margaret Thatcher
 B) Russia in the C.I.S.
 C) Mexico/Argentina/Brazil
 D) Italy/France/Malaysia
37Who built the temple of Angkor vat?
 A) Surya Varman
 B) Jaya Varman
 C) Vaso Varman
 D) Hari Varman
38The first city in the world where metro started is?
 A) New York
 B) London
 C) Tokyo
 D) Hong Kong
39The first city in the world where sub-urban railway system  started is?
 A) New York
 B) London
 C) Tokyo
 D) Hong Kong
40Name the world's oldest University.
 A) University of Paris
 B) Al-Azhar University
 C) University of Sienna
 D) University of Toulouse

Check below for Answers.........
21Ans) Adam Smith
22Ans) 1934
23Ans) 1901
24Ans) Zend Avesta
25Ans) 1914
26Ans) Great Britain
27Ans) Geoffrey Chaucer
28Ans) Adolf Hitler
29Ans) King Gyanendra
30Ans) Christopher Columbus
31Ans) Martin Luther King Jr.
32Ans) 1778
33Ans) American Revolution
34Ans) Ancient Greece
35Ans) The Common Market
36Ans) U.K. under Mrs. Margaret Thatcher
37Ans) Surya Varman
38Ans) London
39Ans) London
40Ans) Al-Azhar University