World History - 1

1In which language bible was first written?
2Henry Ford revolutionised the car market with the first mass- produced car, the Ford Model T. In which year was it launched?
 (A) 1924
 (B) 1912
 (C) 1908
 (D) 1897
3Which of the following was the oldest monarchy in the world?
 (A) Japan
 (B) U K
 (C) Spain
 (D) Nepal
4Which is regarded as the oldest Capital City in the World?
 A) Rome
 B) Athens
 C) Damascus
 D) Baghdad
5The Brettonwoods Conference is related to the
 A) Formation of the UNO
 B) Formation of the WTO
 C) Formation of the IBRD and IMF
 D) Formation of the WHO
6The famous October revolution took place ________.
 A) In 1917 in Russia
 B) In 1920 in China
 C) In 1868 in Japan
 D) In 1949 in China
7Which among the following treaties provided for a common currency for the member countries of European Community?
 A) Brussels Treaty
 B) Geneva Convention
 C) Maastricht Treaty
 D) Treaty of Versailles
8Which was the last continent to be discovered by Europeans?
 A) Antarctica
 B) Greenland
 C) Oceania/Australia
 D) South America
9A map of the New World produced in 1507 had the name America on it. What was the source of the name?
 A) The Carib Indian word for prosperity
 B) The Crown Prince of Spain-s favorite horse
 C) Columbus-s daughter
 D) An Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci
10Suez Canal was nationalised in the year:
 A) 1954
 B) 1955
 C) 1956
 D) 1957
11The Kyoto global came into force on:
 A) January 15, 2005
 B) December 31, 2004
 C) February 16, 2005
 D) January 31, 2005
12Operation 'Desert Storm' was the war between
 A)Iraq and Iran
 B)Iraq and the Kurds
 C)America and its allies against Iraq
 D)Shiite Iraqis and Northern Iraqis
13According to Historians, without this person, Russian Revolution of 1917 would not have happened at all Who is this person?
 A) Vladimir Lenin
 B) Leon Trotsky
 C) Tsar Nicholas II
 D) Rasputin
14Which US President is the first ever to resign from the office?
 A) John F. Kennedy
 B) Bill Clinton
 C) Richard Nixon
 D) Lyndon B. Johnson
15Who established CIA, the intelligence Agency of US?
 A) Allan Dulles
 B) William Donovan
 C) J. Edgar Hoover
 D) Dwight Eisenhower
16Who among the following characterized bureaucracy as a rational-legal authority ?
 A) F.M. Marx
 B) Vilfredo Pareto
 C) Max Weber
 D) Herbert A. Simon
17First industrial revolution took place in _________.
 A) England
 B) America
 C) France
 D) Germany
18United Nation was formed in which year.
 A) 1945
 B) 1944
 C) 1939
 D) 1946
19The world-s first Earth Summit took place in the year
 A) 1988
 B) 1990
 C) 1992
 D) 1994
20Who is the founder of modern Germany?
 A) Bismark
 B) Mussolini
 C) Hitler
 D) Napolean

Check below for Answers.........
1Ans) Hibru
2Ans) 1908
3Ans) Nepal
4Ans) Damascus
5Ans) Formation of the IBRD and IMF
6Ans) In 1917 in Russia
7Ans) Maastricht Treaty
8Ans) Antarctica
9Ans) An Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci
10Ans) 1956
11Ans) February 16, 2005
12Ans) America and its allies against Iraq
13Ans) Rasputin
14Ans) Richard Nixon
15Ans) William Donovan
16Ans) Max Weber
17Ans) England
18Ans) 1945
19Ans) 1992
20Ans) Bismark