World Famous Persons - 2

21Who was first to reach the South Pole?
 A) Rear Admiral
 B) Capt. Ronald Amundsen
 C) Capt. R. E. Scett
 D) Sir Edmund Hillary
22Who among the following characterized bureaucracy as a rational-legal authority ?
 A) F.M. Marx
 B) Vilfredo Pareto
 C) Max Weber
 D) Herbert A. Simon
23Who is the founder of modern Germany?
24Who is known as the father of history?
 A)Charles Babbage
 B)Norman Borlaug
 D)Adam Smith
25The first woman in space is
 (A) Sally K. Ride
 (B) Valentina Tereshkova
 (C) Kalpana Chawla
 (D) Sunita Williams
26The First Man To Have Climbed Mt. Everest Twice
 A) Nawang Gombu
 B) Tenzing Norgay
 C) Sir Edmund Hillary
 D) Magellan
27First Man To Walk In Space
 A) Bill Shepherd (USA)
 B) Yuri Gidzanko (Russia)
 C) Sergie Krikalev (Russia)
 D) Alexie leonov (Russia)
28First Space Tourist
 A) Yuri Gidzanko
 B) Sergie Krikalev
 C) Dennis Tito
 D) Ronald Amundsen
29Who is the first US woman to fly into space?
 A) Kathryn Sullivan
 B) Sunita Williams
 C) Sally Ride
 D) Ellen Ochoa
30Which is the Italian musician and composer who passed away at 95? He wrote the scores for about 300 films and is also known as the -voice of Rome-.
 A) Miles Davis
 B) Armando Trovajoli
 C) Gianni Alemanno
 D) Louis Armstrong
31Who has been named Number One in the World's 20 Most Powerful Moms list released by Forbes magazine in 2012?
 A) Hillary Clinton
 B) Dilma Rousseff
 C) Indra Nooyi
 D) Melinda Gates
32Who is the inventor of the World Wide Web (WWW)?
 A) Steve Jobs
 B) Larry Page
 C) Jimmy Wales
 D) Tim Berners Lee
33Who in the below list is called father of Economics?
 A) David Hume
 B) John Maynard Keynes
 C) Adam Smith
 D) David Ricardo
34Dalai lamas are considered reincarnations of which in the below list?
 A) Avalokiteshwara
 B) Buddha
 C) Chanitanya Dev
 D) None of These
35Pablo Picasso, the famous painter, sculptor, one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century, was from which country?
 A) Spain
 B) Italy
 C) France
 D) Netherlands
36Albert Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize for his path-breaking research and formulation of the ____-
 A) Theory of Relavitity
 B) Laws of Photo-Electric Effect
 C) Principle of Wave-Particle Duality
 D) Theory of Gibbs Boson
37Who was first to measure the circumference of Earth?
 A) Aristotle
 B) Anaximander
 C) Herodotus
 D) Eratosthenes
38Which in the below list of scientists is known for laws of planetary motion?
 A) Newton
 B) Galileo
 C) Johannes Kepler
 D) Aristotol
39Who is known as the father of Botany?
 A) Adam Smith
 B) Aristotle
 C) Theophrastus
 D) Plato
40Who designed the logo and flag of the united nations?
 A) Donal McLaughlin
 B) Betsy Ross
 C) Deborah Sampson
 D) Willie Kavanaugh Hocker

Check below for Answers.........
21Ans) Capt. Ronald Amundsen
22Ans) Max Weber
23Ans) Bismark
24Ans) Adam Smith
25Ans) Valentina Tereshkova
26Ans) Nawang Gombu
27Ans) Alexie leonov (Russia)
28Ans) Dennis Tito
29Ans) Sally Ride
30Ans) Armando Trovajoli
31Ans) Hillary Clinton
32Ans) Tim Berners Lee
33Ans) Adam Smith
34Ans) Avalokiteshwara
35Ans) Spain
36Ans) Laws of Photo-Electric Effect
37Ans) Eratosthenes
38Ans) Johannes Kepler
39Ans) Theophrastus
40Ans) Donal McLaughlin

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