World Famous Persons - 1

1Sergy Brin and "Larry Page" are the founders of which search engine?
 (A) Google
 (B) Yahoo
 (C) Wikipedia
 (D) Msn
2Who is  Microsoft-s "chief executive officer" as of May 2013?
 A) Bill Gates
 B) Jerry Yang
 C) Steve Ballmer
 D) Farhat Jamal
3The first Secretary-General of the U.N.O was
 A) Dag Hammerskjold
 B) Trygve Lie
 C) Perez De Ceullar
 D) Rex Roberts
4Who is called the Father of Geometry?
 A) Euclid
 B) Pythagoras
 C) Aristotle
 D) Socrates
5Name the CEO of Enron who was indicted in the famous fraud which resulted in Enron"s bankruptcy?
 A) George Watson
 B) Kenneth Lay
 C) Bernard Stevens
 D) Rebecca Mark
6Which of the following renowned directors never even got an Oscar nomination once, let alone the award?
 A) Steven Spielberg
 B) Alfred Hitchcock
 C) Ingmar Bergman
 D) Roberto Rodriguez
7Who was the first man from Russia  made his journey to space in the Vostok rocket?
 A) Alexey Leonov
 B) Vladimir Chelomei
 C) Vladimir Komarov
 D) Yuri Gagarin
8Who is the founder of Facebook?
 A) Sergey Brin
 B) Jerry Yang
 C) Jack Dorcey
 D) Mark Zuckerberg
9Which Indian born Scottish inventor pioneered the development of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM)?
 A) Luther George Simjian
 B) John Shepherd-Barron
 C) James Goodfellow
 D) Don Wetzel
10Which American engineer, entrepreneur and medical doctor designed the first commercially successful personal computer in 1975 and is most often known as the father of the personal computer?
 A) Michael Dell
 B) Howard Hughes
 C) Adam Osborne
 D) H Edward Roberts
11The Lumière brothers were the pioneers in which industry?
 A) Automobile
 B) Motion pictures
 C) Printing & publishing
 D) Aviation
12Who among the following music composers was deaf?
 A) Beethovan LV
 B) Bach JS
 C) Richard Strauss
 D) Johannes Brahms
13Who has been ranked by Time Magazine as the most powerful woman of the past century?
 A) Mother Teresa
 B) Indira Gandhi
 C) Jane Adams
 D) Golda Meir
14Who is known as Father of International Green Revolution?
 A) Norman Borlaugh
 B) Thomas robert malthus
 C) Henry Beachell
 D) Paul R. Ehrlich
15Who in the list invented the world wide web (www) and changed the way today's internet works?
 A) Sabir Bhatia
 B) Bill Gates
 C) Vinod Dham
 D) Tim Berner Lee
16Polish-born researcher Dr Hilary Koprowski passed away in April 2013. He was famous for developing oral vaccination for which disease?
 A) Diptheria
 B) Polio
 C) Maleria
 D) Flu
17British Scientist Robert Edwards died at the age of 87 in April 2013. He was best known for his research related to _______________.
 A) Cancer Cell
 B) Stem Cell
 C) Vitro Fertilization
 D) None of These
18Who is known as the father of micro finance in Asian sub continent?
 A) Amartya Sen
 B) Mohammed Younus
 C) Ela Bhatt
 D) Sharad Yadav
19Which of the following US Senators founded "Earth Day"?
  A) Bob Kasten
  B) Alexander Wiley
  C) John W. Reynolds
  D) Gaylord Nelson
20Best known as one of the inventors of the barcode, for which he received US Patent, he died recently in Dec 2012. Name him?
 A) Bernard Silver
 B) Eugene Polley
 C) William Goddard
 D) Norman Joseph Woodland

Check below for Answers.........
1Ans) Google
2Ans) Steve Ballmer
3Ans) Trygve Lie
4Ans) Euclid
5Ans) Bernard Stevens
6Ans) Alfred Hitchcock
7Ans) Yuri Gagarin
8Ans) Mark Zuckerberg
9Ans) John Shepherd-Barron
10Ans) H Edward Roberts
11Ans) Motion pictures
12Ans) Beethovan LV
13Ans) Jane Adams
14Ans) Norman Borlaugh
15Ans) Tim Berner Lee
16Ans) Polio
17Ans) Vitro Fertilization (test-tube baby)
18Ans) Mohammed Younus
19Ans) Gaylord Nelson
20Ans) Norman Joseph Woodland