World Business - 4

61Which Global auto giant was termed as the world's biggest vehicle maker for the year 2012?
 A) Toyota
 B) General Motors
 C) Ford
 D) Nissan
62Which company has announced that it would acquire Zipcar, the world's biggest car-sharing firm, for nearly USD 500 million in Jan 2013?
 A) Europcar Groupe
 B) Hertz Global Holding
 C) Avis Budget Group
 D) None of These
63Which Company has recently announced in Feb 2013 that it will acquire food giant Heinz for nearly USD 28 billion?
 A) AIG Global
 B) Berkshire Hathaway
 C) Unilever
 D) Nestle
64Which US Company has announced in Feb 2013 that it would to acquire the full ownership of TV and film company NBC Universal for USD 16.7 billion?
 A) Time Warner Cable Inc.
 C) Comcast
 D) DISH Network Corporation
65US based American Airlines has announced plans to merge its business with wchich airlines company to form the world's biggest airline in Feb 2013?
 A) Southwest Airlines
 B) US Airways
 C) Delta Airlines
 D) Atlantic Airlines
66The European Union has fined which global tech giant _____ 561 million euros in March 2013 for failing to offer users a choice of web browser?
 A) Google
 B) Microsoft
 C) Apple
 D) Samsung
67Which of the below company builds Dreamliner aircraft which is in news in 2013 due to security issue?
 A) Airbus
 B) Sukhoi
 C) Boeing
 D) Rafael
68As the largest ever takeover in the food industry Warren Buffett-s Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital announced to take over which of the following US food giant for a deal worth USD 28 billion?
 A) McDonalds
 B) Burger King
 C) Subway
 D) Heinz
69Which will be the world's first air carrier to produce its own jet fuel?
 A) Delta Air Lines
 B) United Airlines
 C) American Airlines
 D) Virgin Airways
70Which Company has become Asia's largest company by market value with market capitalization of 21.89 trillion yen in May 2013?
 A) Samsung
 B) Toyota
 C) Hitachi
 D) Nomura
71Global FMCG giant Procter & Gamble has appointed whom as its new CEO in May 2013?
 A) Bob McDonald
 B) Etienne Benet
 C) AG Lafley
 D) None of These
72Which Company has been ranked at 1st place in the Forbes list of America-s 25 fastest growing tech companies published in June 2013?
 A) 3D Systems
 B) Google
 C) Facebook
 D) LinkedIn
73Which global tech company acquired moviemaking app Qwiki in July 2013?
 A) Google
 B) Microsoft
 C) Apple
 D) Yahoo
74Jeffrey P Bezos agreed to acquire the newspaper assets of the Washington Post Company for USD 250 million in August 2013. He is founder and Chief Executive Officer of which company?
 A) eBay
 B) Yahoo
 C) Amazon
 D) None of These
75Yahoo Inc has appointed which veteran technology executive and Silicon Valley investor  as its new chairman in August 2013?
 A) Alfred J. Amoroso
 B) Stratton Sclavos
 C) Maynard Webb
 D) Roy J. Bostock
76Which Social networking site  launched "" to make Internet access affordable for all in August 2013?
 A) LinkedIn
 B) Google+
 C) Facebook
 D) None of These
77Which global tech company acquired Finish mobile maker Nokia's mobile phone business for 5.4 billion euros in September 2013?
 A) Apple
 B) Google
 C) Microsoft
 D) Blackberry
78US mobile giant Verizon Communications Inc agreed to acquire 45% stake in Verizon Wireless from which telecom company in a USD 130 billion transaction deal in Sep 2013?
 A) AT&T
 B) Vodafone
 C) Telenor
 D) Airtel
79Google has announced the name of its Android version as _________ in Sep 2013.
 A) Cupcake
 B) Jelly Bean
 C) KitKat
 D) None of These
80Which of the below telecom company has recently completed the biggest deal ever in telecom industry (USD 130 billion) in Sep 2013?
 A) Telenor
 B) AT&T
 C) Vodafone
 D) Airtel

Check below for Answers.........
61Ans) General Motors
62Ans) Avis Budget Group
63Ans) Berkshire Hathaway
64Ans) Comcast
65Ans) US Airways
66Ans) Microsoft
67Ans) Boeing
68Ans) Heinz
69Ans) Delta Air Lines
70Ans) Toyota
71Ans) AG Lafley
72Ans) LinkedIn
73Ans) Yahoo
74Ans) Amazon
75Ans) Maynard Webb
76Ans) Facebook
77Ans) Microsoft
78Ans) Vodafone
79Ans) KitKat
80Ans) Vodafone

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