World Business - 3

41US based American Airlines merged its business with wchich airlines company to form the world's biggest airline in Feb 2013?
 A) Southwest Airlines
 B) US Airways
 C) Delta Airlines
 D) Atlantic Airlines
42Twitter has launched its first pay-by-tweet service in partnership with which financial company in Feb 2013?
 A) Mastercard
 C) American Express
 D) Maestro
43Which company acquired UK broadband and fixed line businesses of Spain's Telefonica for nearly 200 million pounds in March 2013?
 A) British Telecom
 B) British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB)
 C) Vodafone
 D) Orange Telecom Services
44Which company announced its plan in March to spin off its Time Inc magazine unit into an independent, publicly traded company by the end of 2013?
 A) DowJones
 B) Time Warner
 C) Forbes
 D) Bloomberg
45The European Union fined which global tech giant _____ 561 million euros in March 2013 for failing to offer users a choice of web browser?
 A) Google
 B) Microsoft
 C) Apple
 D) Samsung
46Which global internet company acquired Jybe, the start-up behind a smartphone application that makes local entertainment or dining recommendations based on what people like, in March 2013?
 A) Yahoo
 B) Google
 C) Facebook
 D) LinkedIn
47Who has been named as the new head of Google's Android division in March 2013?
 A) Ram Shriram
 B) Sunder Pichai
 C) Nikesh Arora
 D) Krishna Bharat
48Which Company acquired Goodreads, a book discovery and recommendation website, in March 2013?
 A) eBay
 B) Amazon
 C) Google
 D) Facebook
49Which tech company acquired mobile news reader app Summly in March 2013?
 A) Google
 B) Yahoo
 C) Microsoft
 D) Facebook
50Which tech company acquired Tekelec, a leading provider of network signaling, policy control, and subscriber data management solutions for communications networks, in March 2013?
 A) Google
 C) Microsoft
 D) Oracle
51Which tech company acquired the indoor GPS mapping firm wifiSLAM for 20 million dollars in March 2013?
 A) Google
 B) Yahoo
 C) Microsoft
 D) Apple
52Which Internet company acquired Pulse, which makes an e-reader platform used on mobile devices, for USD 90 million in April 2013?
 A) Google
 B) Facebook
 C) LinkedIn
 D) Yahoo
53Which Internet company acquired news stream Service Wavii, the Seattle-based startup behind a news summarization app, for nearly USD 30 million in April 2013?
 A) Facebook
 B) Yahoo
 C) Microsoft
 D) Google
54Which Internet company acquired mobile app builder Company named as -Parse- in April 2013?
 A) Facebook
 B) Yahoo
 C) Microsoft
 D) Google
55Jeff Bezos is the founder of which of the following websites?
56"Globally Integrated Enterprise" is a term coined by
 A) Craig Barrett
 B) Jack Welch
 C) Sam Palmisano
 D) Jeffrey Immelt
57 Which Photography Pioneer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January 2012 after 132-year-old rich history?
 A)    Eastman Kodak Company
 B)    Fuji
 C)   Nikon
 D)    Canon
58Sergy Brin and "Larry Page" are the founders of which search engine
 (A) Google
 (B) Yahoo
 (C) Wikipedia
 (D) Msn
59Name the CEO of Enron who was indicted in the famous fraud which resulted in Enron"s bankruptcy?
 A) George Watson
 B) Kenneth Lay
 C) Bernard Stevens
 D) Rebecca Mark
60Carrefour, one of the world-s top three retail chain stores belongs to __________.
 B) France
 C) UK
 D) Germany

Check below for Answers.........
41Ans) US Airways
42Ans) American Express
43Ans) British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB)
44Ans) Time Warner
45Ans) Microsoft
46Ans) Yahoo
47Ans) Sunder Pichai
48Ans) Amazon
49Ans) Yahoo
50Ans) Oracle
51Ans) Apple
52Ans) LinkedIn
53Ans) Google
54Ans) Facebook
56Ans) Sam Palmisano
57Ans) Eastman Kodak Company
58Ans) Google
59Ans) Bernard Stevens
60Ans) France