World Business - 2

21India-s FDI regulator, Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) has approved the global furniture retailer IKEA-s proposal to open its stores in India. IKEA belongs to which country?
 A) Germany
 B) France
 C) UK
 D) Sweden
22Maus Freres acquired French apparel company Lacoste for nearly USD 1.3 billion. Lacoste was founded by French tennis player Rene Lacoste in 1933 and a popular brand in the apparel category with the logo of -The Crocodile-. Maus Freres belongs to which country?
 A) Sweden
 B) Norway
 C) Italy
 D) Switzerland
23Which global oil major has received fine of USD 4.5 billion  in Nov 2012 related to 2010 US Offshore Oil spill?
 A) Shell
 B) Chevron
 C) British Petroleum
 D) W G Kenny
24Which global company  acquired US based cloud computing company Meraki for USD 1.2 billion in Nov 2012?
 A) Oracle
 B) Cisco
 D) Microsoft
25Which Global retail company has suspended its chief financial officer and other employees in India as a part of its investigation for alleged violations of US anti-bribery laws in Nov 2012?
 A) Tesco
 B) Wal-Mart
 C) Starbucks
26Apple has launched its online music store in India in Dec 2012. What is the name of the same?
 A) iMusics
 B) iSongs
 C) iTunes
 D) iMusicstore
27Which IT Services Company acquired six companies of the C1 Group, Germany based consulting firms, in December 2012?
 A) HCL Technologies
 B) Cognizant
 C) Wipro
28Which two global tech giants have tied up to offer nearly USD 500 million in order to purchase patents of Eastman Kodak Coompany?
 A) Samsung and IBM
 B) Nokia and Microsoft
 C) Google and Samsung
 D) Google and Apple
29US based food producer Cargill acquired Sunflower Vanaspati Edible Oil brand from which Indian company?
 A) Dabur
 B) Emami
 C) Marico
 D) Wipro
30Intercontinental Exchange Inc acquired which stock exchange for nearly USD 8 billion in Dec 2012?
 A) DowJones
31Which global Airlines company acquired Singapore Airlines- 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic for USD 360 million in Dec 2012?
 A) Delta Air Lines
 B) American Airlines
 C) Etihad Airways
 D) British Airways
32Which global oil company acquired 49.9% stake in Canadian firm Encana-s natural gas project in Alberta in Dec 2012?
 A) PetroChina
 B) British Petroleum
 C) Shell
 D) Exxon Mobil
33Auto maker Hyundai belongs to which Country?
 A) South Korea
 B) Japan
 D) Germany
34Which company acquired Philips Electronics's home entertainment (audio and video) business in Januray 2013?
 A) LG
 B) Samsung
 C) Akai
 D) Funai Electric
35Which Global auto giant was termed as the world's biggest vehicle maker for the year 2012?
 A) Toyota
 B) General Motors
 C) Ford
 D) Nissan
36Which company acquired Zipcar, the world's biggest car-sharing firm, for nearly USD 500 million in Jan 2013?
 A) Europcar Groupe
 B) Hertz Global Holding
 C) Avis Budget Group
 D) None of These
37Which global news channel company acquired US based cable television network, Current TV, which was founded by former US Vice President Al Gore for nearly USD 500 million in Jan 2013?
 B) News Corp
 C) Al Jazeera
38The operator of the famous news magazine Newsweek, which became a solely digital publication in 2012 after 80 years in print, changed its name officially to ___ in Feb 2013.
 A) NewsOnline
 B) NewsBeast
 C) NewsFast
 D) NewsDaily
39Which Company acquired  food giant Heinz for nearly USD 28 billion in Feb 2013?
 A) AIG Global
 B) Berkshire Hathaway
 C) Unilever
 D) Nestle
40Which US Company acquired TV and film company NBC Universal for USD 16.7 billion in Feb 2013?
 A) Time Warner Cable Inc.
 C) Comcast
 D) DISH Network Corporation

Check below for Answers.........
21Ans) Sweden
22Ans) Switzerland
23Ans) British Petroleum
24Ans) Cisco
25Ans) Wal-Mart
26Ans) iTunes
27Ans) Cognizant
28Ans) Google and Apple
29Ans) Wipro
30Ans) NYSE
31Ans) Delta Air Lines
32Ans) PetroChina
33Ans) South Korea
34Ans) Funai Electric
35Ans) General Motors
36Ans) Avis Budget Group
37Ans) Al Jazeera
38Ans) NewsBeast
39Ans) Berkshire Hathaway
40Ans) Comcast