World Business - 1

1The world's largest PC maker acquired UK-based software company Autonomy Corp for $11.7 billion. Name the PC maker?
 A) Hewlett Packard
 B) Dell
 C) Apple
 D) Samsung
2Which among the following is world's largest mobile operator having largest subscriber base in the world ?
 A) China Mobile
 B) Vodafone
 C) Orange
 D) Telenor
3The investment giant set up by Warren Buffet is ___________.
 A)  DSP Merryl Lynch
 B)  Berkshire Hathway
 C)  GE Capital
 D)  City Capital
4Which Company was involved in the biggest ever oil-spill disaster off the US Coast in 2010 ?
 A) Exxon Mobil
 B) Shell
 C) BP
 D) WG Kenny
5Nokia is headquartered in which of the following Countries?
6Audi is a luxury car originally manufactured in?
 A) UK
 C) Japan
 D) Germany
7Which largest retailer has acquired social media site Kosmix, a Silicon Valley firm founded by two IIT Chennai alumni?
 A) Walmart
 B) Loblaws
 C) Target
 D) Costco
8AT&T acquired T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for?
 A) $ 40 billion
 B) $ 58 billion
 C) $ 25 billion
 D) $39 billion
9German carmaker Volkswagen AG acquired Porsche Holding Salzburg (PHS) for?
 A) 3.3 billion
 B) 2.2 billion
 C) 1.9 billion
 D) 2.5 billion
10Which of the following French Pharmaceutical companies acquired Genzyme for $20.1bn (£12.5bn), in one of the biggest global M&A deals since the financial crisis?
 A) NicOx
 B) Rhône-Poulenc
 C) Sanofi-aventis
 D) Roussel Uclaf
11Which global mining group acquired Anglo American's entire zinc business in Ireland and Africa?
 A) Sagar
 B) Baldota
 C) Kudremukh
 D) Vedanta
12The world-s biggest payments network, Visa acquired which provider of electronic payment and risk management services for $ 2 billion?
 A) Cyber source
 B) Modulesoft
 C) VeriSign
 D) Paypal
13Which global Telecom company has merged its business with US mobile carrier MetroPCS recently in October 2012?
 A) Vodafone
 B) AT&T
 C) Verizon
 D) T-Mobile
14Which Company acquired Viewdle, which is a leading imaging and gesture recognition company recently in October 2012?
 A) Nokia
 B) Motorola
 C) Apple
 D) Facebook
15Which US Weekly magazine has recently announced to publish its final print edition on 31st December 2012 and to go for only digital format and distribution from January 2013?
 A) Time
 B) Forbes
 C) The Week
 D) Newsweek
16Who has been appointed as the new CEO of Citibank after Vikram Pandit stepped down as CEO of the third largest US bank in Oct 2012?
 A) Mike Corbat
 B) John Havens
 C) Michael O-Neill
 D) None of These
17Which global bank acquired ING Direct UK retail banking division recently in October 2012?
 A) Barclays
 C) Goldman Sachs
 D) Citibank
18US coffee chain giant Starbucks with collaboration of Tata Global Beverages (TGBL) has opened their India-s first Starbucks coffee outlet in which city in October 2012?
 A) Hyderabad
 B) Bangalore
 C) New Delhi
 D) Mumbai
19Well Known executive Rajat Gupta has been recently sentenced to 2 years in prison for his alleged involvement in Insider trading case. He is not directly associated with which MNC in the list?
 A) Goldman Sachs
 B) P&G
 C) Citibank
 D) Mckinsey
20US based global mass media giant Disney acquired another US based film production company Lucasfilm for nearly USD 4.05 billion. Which movie series is associated with the company Lucasfilm?
 A) The Batman
 B) The Toy Story
 C) Star Wars
 D) Shreak

Check below for Answers.........
1Ans) Hewlett Packard
2Ans) China Mobile
3Ans) Berkshire Hathway
4Ans) BP
5Ans) Finland
6Ans) Germany
7Ans) Walmart
8Ans) $39 billion
9Ans) 3.3 billion
10Ans) Sanofi-aventis
11Ans) Vedanta
12Ans) Cyber source
13Ans) T-Mobile
14Ans) Motorola
15Ans) Newsweek
16Ans) Mike Corbat
17Ans) Barclays
18Ans) Mumbai
19Ans) Citibank
20Ans) Star Wars