Victory to Anna Hazare team with Parliament approving his main three demands Anna Hazare

Finally working on Saturday, Parliament has adopted a of the House' on three key issues raised by social activist Anna Hazare regarding the Lokpal Bill to make it strong enough to remove corruption at the grass root level. He has been on fast for last 12 days in order to pass the strongest possible Lokpal Bill has gained huge support from all over the country.
After the parliament session the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has read out the 'sense of the House' which said: "This House agrees in principle on the following issues (i) citizen charter, (ii) lower bureaucracy to be under lok pal through an appropriate mechanism and (iii) establishment of Lok Ayuktas in the states.-
All the main political parties including Congress and BJP have given their consent to all these three important demands raised by the Anna Hazare team in the two houses, parliament and Rajya Sabha. This is clearly a victory for the Anna Hazare team which has been fighting since last couple of months to make the strongest possible Lokpal Bill and for all of his supports who have supported them during this whole period. Let us hope for a strong Lokpal Bill and a corruption free country which will definitely build the foundation for stable 9% GDP growth in future.
After this achievement Anna Hazare has confirmed to stop his fast tomorrow morning after 12 long days.