Sports - 3

61Federation cup is associated with which of the following games
 A) Archery
 B) Badminton
 C) Chess
 D) Golf
62Dhyan Chand is associated with which of the following sports
 A) Hockey
 B) Cricket
 C) Golf
 D) Billliards
63Snooker originated in which of the following countries
 A) India
 B) Belgium
 C) Canada
 D) Gabon
64Pankaj Advani is associated with which of the following sports
 A) Badminton
 B) Tennis
 C) Billiards
 D) Hockey
65What was the Football World Cup known as before 1970?
 A) Henri Delaunay Trophy
 B) Silvio Gazzanigi
 C) Kamari Stu Cup
 D) Jules Rimet Trophy
66What was the 2010 FIFA World Cup mascot
 A) Footix
 B) Zakumi
 C) Juanito
 D) Tip and Tap
67Lionel Messi plays for which Country?
 A) England
 B) Italy
 C) Germany
 D) Argentina
68Which country has played in every tournament of World Cup football?
 A) Brazil
 B) France
 C) Italy
 D) Germany
69Which was the first country to win a Football World Cup in 1930?
 B) Yugoslavia
 C) Uruguay
 D) Argentina
70FIFA was formed in
 A) 1901
 B) 1908
 C) 1904
 D) 1907
71William Jones cup is associated with which of the following games?
 A) Baseball
 B) Volleyball
 C) Tennis
 D) Basketball
72The Prince of Wales Cup is associated with which of the following games?
 A) Tennis
 B) Golf
 C) Badminton
 D) Volley ball
73Who is the first Indian to win an Olympic medal in lawn tennis?
 A) Vijay Amritraj
 B) Leander Paes
 C) Mahesh Bhupathi
 D) Sania Mirza
74Name the cricketer who faced the first ball in the first ever one-day international cricket match?
 A) Don Bradman
 B) Geoffrey Boycott
 C) John Traicos
 D) Sunil Gavaskar
75Dronacharya Award is given to
 A) Sports coaches
 B) The archers
 C) Outstanding contributor to Indian literature
   D) The sportsmen/sportswomen for their individual performances
76Who among the following has been adjudged the -player of the tournament- in ICC one day cricket world cup 2011?
 A) Yuvraj Singh
 B) Sachin Tendulkar
 C) Kumar Sangakara
 D) Shahid Afridi
77Which famous UK based football club is owned by the Glazier family?
 A) Manchester United
 B) Liverpool
 C) Chelsea
 D) Arsenal
78Which of the following countries will host the World Cup Football 2018?
 A) Qatar
 B) Russia
 C) Australia
 D) Germany
79Name the first batsman to notch up 50 Test hundreds?
 A) Duncan Fletcher
 B) Ricky Ponting
 C)  Virendra Sehwag
 D)  Sachin Tendulkar
80Lionel Messi became the top goal scorer in a season (2012) with 68 goals as of now in the history. He broke whose 39 year old record?
 A) Sepp Maier
 B)  Franz Beckenbauer
 C) Mueller
 D) Klaus Fischer
81Which women squash team has won Gold at the 16th Asian Squash Championship recently held in Kuwait?
 A) Malaysia
 B) Iraq
 C) India
 D) China
82Which English Football club won the English title in 2012 (English Premier League) for the first time in last 44 years?
 A) Manchester United
 B) Manchester City
 C) Chelsea
 D) Liverpool
83Which European football club won the prestigious Champions League 2012?
 A) Bayern Munich
 B) Real Madrid
 C) Manchester City
 D) Chelsea
84Winner of IPL5?
 A) Chennai
 B) Mumbai
 C) Kolkata
 D) Delhi
85Who was the highest run scorer in IPL 5?
 A) A Rahane
 B) Gautam Gambhir
 C) Chris Gayle
 D) S Dhawan
86Who was the leading wicket taker in IPL 5?
 A) Morne Morkel
 B) Sunil Narine
 C) U Yadav
 D) L Malinga
87Which Tennis player has set a new record of 234 Grand Slam match wins to break Jimmy Connor-s record?
 A) Novak Djokovic
 B) Rafael Nadal
 C) Roger Federer
 D) None of them
88India-s Viswanathan Anand has defeated which player to win his 5th World Chess Championship in May 2012?
 A) Magnus Carlsen
 B) Levon Aronian
 C) Boris Gelfand
 D) Vladimir Kramnik
89Which Country won the Junior Hockey World Cup 2012?
 A) South Korea
 B) Japan
 C) Pakistan
 D) Malaysia
90The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has brought formal doping charges against which iconic Sportsperson?
 A) Tiger Woods
 B) Lance Armstrong
 C) Michael Johnson
 D) Pete Sampras

Check below for Answers.........
61Ans) Archery
62Ans) Hockey
63Ans) India
64Ans) Billiards
65Ans) Jules Rimet Trophy
66Ans) Zakumi
67Ans) Argentina
68Ans) Brazil
69Ans) Uruguay
70Ans) 1904
71Ans) Basketball
72Ans) Golf
73Ans) Leander Paes
74Ans) Geoffrey Boycott
75Ans) Sports coaches
76Ans) Yuvraj Singh
77Ans) Manchester United
78Ans) Russia
79Ans) Sachin Tendulkar
80Ans) Mueller
81Ans) India
82Ans) Manchester City
83Ans) Chelsea
84Ans) Kolkata
85Ans) Chris Gayle
86Ans) Morne Morkel
87Ans) Roger Federer
88Ans) Boris Gelfand
89Ans) Malaysia
90Ans) Lance Armstrong