Lokpal Bill failed in Rajya Sabha Bill Deferred

The much awaited and most controversial bill for the year 2011, Lokpal Bill has failed again to pass both the houses of the Parliament. It was passed in the Lower House (Lok Sabha) on last Tuesday but failed to get the passage in the Upper House (Rajya Sabha) yesterday night. Government withdrew the bill without any voting at the midnight after day long debate on the same due to huge protest from the opposition parties and some of its key allies.

UPA government suffered a setback as its own allies Trinamool Congress and DMK did not support setting up the Lokayuktas in the states which deals with the services of the state. Main Opposition party BJP also hit hard saying the bill is very weak and will be government controlled and there is no way they will support the same.

Due to lack of support of the Upper House in the Parliament, Government has now withdrawn the bill and announced to come up with the revised one during the next budget session. Hopefully that time, India will get a stronger anti-corruption bill.