International Organizations - 5

121Which of the following is not a member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization?
 A) Russia
 B) Kazakhstan
 C) Uzbekistan
 D) South Korea
122The headquarters of NATO is situated at
 A) Vienna, Norway
 B) New York, USA
 C) Brussels, Belgium
 D) Seoul, South Korea
123Which institution publishes the World Investment Report every year?
 A) World Trade Organization (WTO)
 B) International Monetary Fund (IMF)
 C) United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
 D) World Bank
124In which of the following years was General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) absorbed into the World Trade Organization (WTO)?
 A) 1991
 B) 1995
 C) 2000
 D) 2005
125Which of the following is not a member in Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) group of countries?
 A) Cambodia
 B) Indonesia
 C) Philippines
 D) India
126The World Bank is headquartered at __________.
 A) Washington DC, USA
 B) Massachusetts, USA
 C) New York, USA
 D) Houston, Texas
127Which of the following countries is not member of SAARC?
 A) Afghanistan
 B) Myanmar
 C) Bhutan
 D) Maldives
128Which of the following organizations releases World Economic Outlook report?
 A) World Bank
129The headquarters of OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) is located in___.
 A) Paris
 B) London
 C) New York
 D) Washington DC
130Rio+20 the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development was held in which country recently?
 A) Mexico
 B) Canada
 C) Brazil
131Which of the following is not an official language of the UN?
 A) French
 B) Chinese
 C) Japanese
 D) English
132The Economic and Social Council of UN has how many
Regional Economic Commissions?
 A) 3
 B) 4
 C) 5
 D) 7
133The headquarters of Asian Development Bank is located in?
 A) Singapore
 B) Manila
 C) Beijing
 D) Tokyo
134The International Criminal Police Organization (known as
Interpol) has its headquarters at?
 A) Geneva
 B) Lyon
 C) London
 D) New York
135When did India become a member of International Monetary
Fund (IMF)?
 A) 1947
 B) 1951
 C) 1932
 D) 1945
136The Export Import (EXIM) Bank was set up in?
 A) 1982
 B) 1981
 C) 1975
 D) 1985
137This Organisation is also known as Bretton Woods Institution?
 A) World Economic Forum
 B) UN
 C) Red Cross
138The IMF has its headquarters at?
 A) Geneva
 B) Washingon DC
 C) London
 D) New York
139SAARC was established in?
 A) 1988
 B) 1985
 C) 1982
 D) 1981
140Which in the list is not a member of SAARC?
 A) China
 B) Sri Lanka
 C) Maldives
 D) Afghanistan
141ASIA Watch is a?
 A) Human Rights Committee
 B) Part of United Nations
 C) Committee to stop child labors
 D) None of These
142Where is the head quarter of "SAARC"?
 A) Kathmandu
 B) Manila
 C) New Delhi
 D) Beijing
143Where is the head quarter of "Red Cross"?
 A) Geneva
 B) London
 C) New York
 D) Washington DC
144CRY is an organization which deals with?
 A) Social Development
 C) Welfare of Women
 C) Welfare of neglected children
 D) None of These
145Where is the head quarter of "CRY"?
 A) Mumbai
 B) Bangalore
 C) Chennai
 D) New Delhi
146UNCHR deals with?
 A) Child labor
 B) Women's rights
 C) Human rights
 D) None of These
147Where is the headquarter of NATO?
 A) Brussels
 B) Washingon DC
 C) New York
 D) Geneva
148Where is the headquarter of The World Health Organization?
 A) Venice
 B) Washingon DC
 C) New York
 D) Geneva
149Where is the headquarter of The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)?
 A) Doha
 B) Riyadh
 C) Vienna
 D) Dubai
150Which of the following country is a member of G8 group of countries?
 A) Russia
 B) India
 C) China
 D) South Africa

Check below for Answers.........
121Ans) South Korea
122Ans) Brussels, Belgium
123Ans) United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
124Ans) 2000
125Ans) India
126Ans) Washington DC, USA
127Ans) Myanmar
128Ans) IMF
129Ans) Paris
130Ans) Brazil
131Ans) Japanese
132Ans) 5
133Ans) Manila
134Ans) Lyon
135Ans) 1945
136Ans) 1982
137Ans) IMF
138Ans) Washingon DC
139Ans) 1985
140Ans) China
141Ans) Human Rights Committee
142Ans) Kathmandu
143Ans) Geneva
144Ans) Welfare of neglected children
145Ans) Mumbai
146Ans) Human rights
147Ans) Brussels
148Ans) Geneva
149Ans) Vienna
150Ans) Russia