International Organizations - 4

91Which of the following organisations has its headquarters in Rome?
 A) World Food Programme
 B) Food and Agriculture Organisation
 C) International Labour Organisation
 D) European Free Trade Association
92Which of the following countries is not a member of Gulf Cooperation Council?
 A) Yemen
 B) Oman
 C) Bahrain
 D) Kuwait
93When was the South Asian Association for regional cooperation (SAARC) formed?
 A) September 2, 1987
 B) December 8, 1985
 C) August 8, 1989
 D) December 5, 1986
94In which year did India became a member of The United Nations Organisation (UNO)?
 A) 26th January, 1950
 B) 15th August, 1947
 C) 27th September, 1945
 D) 30th October, 1945
95FIFA stands for __________.
 A) Federation Internationale de Framebox Association
 B) Federation Internationale de Football Association
 C) Federation Internationale de Frameball Association
 D) Federation Internationale de Foot Association
96How many countries are part of the European Union?
 A) 18
 B) 15
 C) 27
 D) 20
97What does APEC stand for?
 A) Asia Pacific Election Commission
 B) Asia Pacific European Commission
 C) All India Election Commission
 D) Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
98What does ILO stand for?
 A) Indian Labour Organisation
 B) Indian Law Organisation
 C) International Law Organisation
 D) International Labour Organisation
99What does WIPO stand for?
 A) World Internet Project Organisation
 B) Warner Independent Pictures Organisation
 C) Wireless Industry Partnership Organisation
 D) World Intellectual Property Organisation
100Which of the following is not a member of the G-20?
 A) Brazil
 B) China
 C) Pakistan
 D) Japan
101What does APEC stand for?
 A) Asia-Pacific Economic Consulate
 B) Asia-Pacific Economic Climate
 C) Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation
 D) Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
102What does WMO stand for
 A) Windows Mobile Organisation
 B) World Mimicry Organisation
 C) World Meteorological Organisation
 D) World Mobile Organisation
103The permanent secretariat of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is located at _____________
 A) Pokhara
 B) Kathmandu
 C) Bhaktapur
 D) Patan
104Where is the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) located?
 A) Vienna
 B) Salzburg
 C) Sydney
 D) Albury
105Which International treaty, Established in 2005, accepted a framework conventions on Climate Change?
 A) The Kyoto Protocol
 B) The Clean Development Mechanism Treaty
 C) Treaty of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
 D) The EU Emissions Trading Scheme
106When was the treaty of Versailles signed?
 A) 1919
 B) 1918
 C) 1914
 D) 1920
107In which year was the World Health Organization (WHO) established?
 A) 1948
 B) 1947
 C) 1945
 D) 1950
108This animal is the symbol for the World Wide Fund for Nature. Name the animal.
 A) The Okapi
 B) The Giant Panda
 C) The Tiger
 D) The One Horned Rhinoceros
109The rules for the working of the WTO are provided by the ________________.
 A) World Trade Agreement
 B) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
 C) General Agreement on Trade in Services
 D) Security Council
110Which country is a member of the WTO despite the fact that it became a part of China?
 A) Taiwan
 B) Tibet
 C) Hongkong
 D) None of These
111According to the UN Convention on the Rights of Children, which of the following is not a right?
 A) Sate drinking water
 B) Employment
 C) Protection from exploitation
 D) Education
112The headquarters of the UNESCO is located at
 A) Paris
 B) New York
 C) Geneva
 D) The Hague
113In which of the following years was General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) absorbed into the World Trade Organization (WTO).
 A) 1991
 B) 1995
 C) 2000
 D) 2005
114UNCAC stands for
 A) United Nations Conference against Corruption
 B) United Nations Committee against Corruption
 C) United Nations committee against Corruption
 D) United Nations Convention against Corruption
115Which one of the following is not a member of BASIC?
 A) India
 B) China
 C) Indonesia
 D) Brazil
116The UN came into existence in
 A) 1946
 B) 1945
 C) 3947
 D) 1950
117The H.Q. of the UN are located at
 A) New York
 B) Paris
 C) Washington DC
 D) Geneva
118Which of the following is not a principal organ of the UN?
 A) General Assembly
 B) Trusteeship Council
 C) Security Council
 D) World Health Organization
119Which of the following countries is not a member of the UNO?
 A) Switzerland
 B) Bahamas
 C) Mauritius
 D) Dominican Republic
120The permanent seat of the International Court of Justice is located in _________.
 A) Paris
 B) Geneva
 C) Rome
 D) The Hague

Check below for Answers.........
91Ans) Food and Agriculture Organisation
92Ans) Yemen
93Ans) December 8, 1985
94Ans) 30th October, 1945
95Ans) Federation International de Football Association
96Ans) 27
97Ans) Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
98Ans) International Labour Organisation
99Ans) World Intellectual Property Organisation
100Ans) Pakistan
101Ans) Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
102Ans) World Meteorological Organisation
103Ans) Kathmandu
104Ans) Vienna
105Ans) The Kyoto Protocol
106Ans) 1919
107Ans) 1948
108Ans) The Giant Panda
109Ans) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
110Ans) Hongkong
111Ans) Employment
112Ans) Paris
113Ans) 1995
114Ans) United Nations Convention against Corruption
115Ans) Indonesia
116Ans) 1945
117Ans) New York
118Ans) World Health Organization
119Ans) Switzerland
120Ans) The Hague