International Organizations - 1

1African Union (AU) was establised in?
 A) 2001
 B) 2002
 C) 2006
 D) 2000
2Arab League was establised in?
 A) 1945
 B) 1947
 C) 1946
 D) 1949
3G-15 is consists of ______
 A) Developed countries
 B) Second World Nations
 C) Third World Nations
 D) Fourth World Nations
4Amnesty International was establised in?
 A) 1966
 B) 1946
 C) 1967
 D) 1961
5Asian Development Bank was establised in?
 A) 1945
 B) 1966
 C) 1961
 D) 1989
6Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) was establised in?
 A) 1946
 B) 1961
 C) 1966
 D) 1989
7Commonwealth was establised in?
 A) 1931
 B) 1949
 C) 1935
 D) 1929
8Which of the following prizes is given by the UNESCO?
 A) Magsaysay Award
 B) Kalinga Prize
 C) Booker Prize
 D) Pulitzer Prize
9Which one of the following countries is a member of the Common wealth of Independent States?
 (A) Croatia
 (B) Poland
 (C) Romania
 (D) Turkmenistan
10Commonwealth of Independent States was establised in?
 A) 1995
 B) 1991
 C) 1992
 D) 1997
11Council of Europe (CoE) was establised in?
 A) 1993
 B) 1946
 C) 1949
 D) 1961
1249. Where is the headquarters of the European Union?
 A. Paris
 B. Rome
 C. Lisbon
  D. Brussels
13Which of the following  slogan can be associated with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)?
 A) Earth and nature
 B) Nature is life
 C) For a living planet
 D) Life and  planet
14Economic Cooperation Organization was establised in?
 A) 1983
 B) 1985
 C) 1971
 D) 1991
15European Free Trade Association (EFTA) was establised in?
 A) 1959
 B) 1960
 C) 1967
 D) 1946
16Peace Palace is the official headquarters of ________.
17Lisbon Treaty  is the treaty accepted / adopted by the members of which of the following organizations?
 C) European Union
18European Science Foundation was establised in?
 A) 1977
 B) 1991
 C) 1974
 D) 1967
19European Union was establised in?
 A) 1993
 B) 1992
 C) 1997
 D) 1991
20Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was establised in?
 A) 1946
 B) 1951
 C) 1945
 D) 1935
21Green Peace was establised in?
 A) 1977
 B) 1971
 C) 1967
 D) 1966
22SAFTA stands for ____________.
 A)  South Asia Free Trade Agreement
 B)  Southern African Federation  For Tribal Advancement
 C)  South Asian Forum For Tourism Agreement
 D)  None of the above
23International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was establised in?
 A) 1957
 B) 1966
 C) 1974
 D) 1951
24How many countries are members of EU?
 A) 28
 B) 26
 C) 25
 D) 27
25International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) was establised in?
 A) 1935
 B) 1955
 C) 1951
 D) 1945
26International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) was establised in?
 A) 1961
 B) 1966
 C) 1945
 D) 1947
27How many countries are members of Euro Zone using only Euro Currency as of May 2013?
 A) 15
 B) 17
 C) 19
 D) 18
28Which of the following treaty is related to the establishment of European Union? (signed in 1993)
 A) Berlin Declaration
 B) Treaty of Maastricht
 C) Valletta treaty
 D) Merger Treaty
29International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was establised in?
 A) 1947
 B) 1945
 C) 1966
 D) 1960
30International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) was establised in?
 A) 1901
 B) 1899
 C) 1902
 D) 1911

Check below for Answers.........
1Ans) 2002
2Ans) 1945
3Ans) Third World Nations
4Ans) 1961
5Ans) 1966
6Ans) 1989
7Ans) 1931
8Ans) Kalinga Prize
9Ans) Turkmenistan
10Ans) 1991
11Ans) 1949
12Ans) Brussels
13Ans) For a living planet
14Ans) 1985
15Ans) 1960
16Ans) ICJ
17Ans) European Union
18Ans) 1974
19Ans) 1992
20Ans) 1945
21Ans) 1971
22Ans) South Asia Free Trade Agreement
23Ans) 1957
24Ans) 27
25Ans) 1945
26Ans) 1966
27Ans) 17
28Ans) Treaty of Maastricht
29Ans) 1947
30Ans) 1902