India's FDI inflows jumped by 12 to USD 2 billion in February

India-s Foreign direct investment jumped by nearly 12% to USD 2.01 billion in February  which is the second consecutive increase. India-s FDI inflow stood at USD 1.79 billion in February last year. During the April-February period of last fiscal year, FDI inflows dropped by 0.6% to USD 20.76 billion, compared to USD 20.89 billion received during the same period last financial year.

The highest FDI came in services sector (USD 2.18 billion), followed by automobiles (USD 1.28 billion), pharmaceuticals (USD 1.27 billion) and construction development (USD 1.05 billion) in the April- February period of previous financial year 2013-14. Maximum FDI inflow came from Mauritius with USD 4.48 billion, followed by Singapore (USD 3.91 billion), the UK (USD 3.21 billion) and the Netherlands (USD 2.20 billion).

India needs huge foreign investment to help regain its growth momentum, to support its infrastructure push and to support its domestic currency. India is estimated to require about USD 1 trillion between 2012-13 and 2016-17, the 12th Five-Year Plan period, to fund infrastructure projects.