Indian Organizations – I Answers

1 When was the centre for Science and Environment set up? Ans)1980
2 When was the Environmental Defense Fund established? Ans) 1967
3 Which of the following organizations looks after the credit needs of agriculture and rural development in India? Ans) NABARD
4 Which of the following estimates the National Income in India? Ans) Central Statistical Organization
5 SEBI stands for Ans) Securities and Exchange Board of India
6 With which of the following lies the basic regulatory authority for “mutual funds”? Ans) SEBI
7 Which of the following is the headquarters of the newly established railway zone “East Coast Railways? Ans) Bhubaneswar
8 Head of six-member Committee to set out the framework for fuller capital account, convertibility (CAC)? Ans) Mr. S. S. Tarapore
9 Who is the new chairman of the Indian Banks Association IBA? Ans) O P Bhatt
10 Insurance business in India is regulated by which of the following authorities? Ans) IRDA
11 In which year was National Rural Health Mission launched? Ans) 2005
12 Central drug research institute is in which city Ans) Luck now
13 When was the Environmental Defense Fund established? Ans) 1967
14 National Green Tribunal (NGT) has been constituted in October 2010, Who has been appointed its first chief? Ans)  Lokeshwar Singh
15 Mutual funds are regulated in India by which among the following? Ans) SEBI

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