Indian Nationalized Banks - Important Notes

Important MilestoneBanks/Person
First India bank Got ISOCanara Bank
First Governor of RBIMr. Osborne Smith
First Indian governor of RBIMr. C D Deshmukh
First Bank to Introduce ATM in IndiaHSBC
First Bank to introduce saving Bank in IndiaPresidency bank in 1830
First Bank to Introduce Cheque system in IndiaBengal Bank 1784
First Bank to introduce Internet BankingICICI BANK
First Bank to introduce Mutual FundState Bank of India
First Bank to introduce Credit Card in IndiaCentral Bank of India
First Foreign Bank in IndiaComptoire d-Escompte de Paris of France in 1860
First Bank Set Up in IndiaBank of Hindustan in 1770
First Joint Stock Bank of British IndiaState Bank of India
First Joint Stock Bank of IndiaAllahabad Bank
First Bank that is oldest Public Bank in IndiaAllahabad Bank
First national bank that is merged with Punjab National BankNew Bank of India in 1993
First Indian bank to open branch outside India in London in 1946Bank of India
First Indian Bank started with Indian capital /indigenous Bank of IndiaPunjab National Bank
First Regional Rural Bank name Prathama Grameen Bank Was started bySyndicate Bank
First Indian Bank to be wholly owned by IndiansCentral Bank of India
First bank to be given an ISO 9002 certificate for one of its branchesCanara Bank
The bank founded by Freedom Fighter Dr. Bhogaraju Pattabhi SitaramayyaAndhra Bank
The Postal Dept has issued a commemorative stamp in the name of this bank celebrating 100 years in 2011Central Bank of India
The bank formed on the efforts of Lala Lajpat RaiPunjab National Bank
The only merger of nationalised banks took place betweenPunjab National Bank and New Bank of India in 1993
The bank whose brand equity is "Pygmy Deposit Scheme"Syndicate Bank
The bank which was conceived by Shri GD BirlaUCO Bank
The bank which was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1919Union Bank of India