Indian History 8

211The Three tier system of panchayti raj was adopted by which state for the first time?
 A) Rajasthan
 B) Andhra Pradesh
 C) Haryana
 D) Bihar
212Which in the below list is popularly known as Minto-Morley Reforms?
 A) Indian Councils Act 1909
 B) Indian Councils Act 1892
 C) Government of India Act 1919
 D) None of These
213Who in the below list was the Constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly?
 A) K.M. Munshi
 B) D.P.Khaitan
 C) B.R. Ambedkar
 D) B N Rao
214In which year, Union Territories were introduced in India?
 A) 1949
 B) 1950
 C) 1956
 D) 1961
215Which Mughal Emperor had put a ban on killing of animals in certain days?
 A) Shah Jahan
 B) Akbar
 C) Aurangzeb
 D) Jahangir
216The decisive Battle of Chausa was fought between __________.
 A) Aurangzeb & Shivaji
 B) Aurangzeb & Dara Shikoh
 C) Humayun & Sherkhan
 D) None of These
217Under whom, the first Law commission was constituted to codify and improve upon various rules and regulations prevalent in India?
 A) Lord Irwin
 B) Lord Macaulay
 C) Lord Minto
 D) Lord Curzon
218For trade with which regions in India, Thomas Roe obtained right for east India Company?
 A) Bengal
 B) Coromandel
 C) Gujarat
 D) Culicut
219Which in the below list of places in India is known for first ever fort erected by any European Power?
 A) Calicut
 B) Cochin
 C) Chennai
 D) Panaji
220Which in the below list was called a worst Political blunder of Lord Dalhousie?
 A) Annexation of Oudh
 B) Annexation of Punjab
 C) Annexation of Calcutta
 D) Abolition of Doctrine of lapse
221In which in the below list of uprisings Captain Thomas was killed in 1772?
 A) Sanyasi Uprisings
 B) Santhal Movement
 C) Fakir Uprising
 D) None of These
222In which session of Indian National Congress , our national anthem was first sung on 27 December 1911?
 A) Lahore
 B) Calcutta
 C) Chennai
 D) Surat
223In Collaboration with David Hare & Alexander Duff, who in the below list established "Hindu College" at Kolkata?
 A) Rabindranath Tagore
 B) Debendra nath Tagore
 C) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
 D) IshwarChandra Vidya Sagar
224In which year Indian Citizenship Act was passed?
 A) 1924
 B) 1931
 C) 1936
 D) 1950
225Who in the below list formed the group "Brothers of India"?
 A) Annie Besant
 B) Sarojini Naidu
 C) Dadabhai Naoroji
 D) Alan Watts
226Which in the below list was first Municipal Corporation of India (Established in 1687)?
 A) Bombay
 B) Puduchery
 C) Culcutta
 D) Madras
227What was the name of the silver coins issued by Guptas?
 A) Dinara
 B) Rupaka
 C) Panna
 D) Ana
228Which in the below list is considered to be the official law book of the Guptas?
 A) Yajnavalkya Smriti
 B) Vyasa Smriti
 C) Manusmriti
 D) None of These
229In which year Public Debt Act was passed ?
 A) 1931
 B) 1942
 C) 1944
 D) 1948
230Which in the below list of emperors introduced the two laws of Vyavahar Samta and Danda Samata?
 A) Chandragupta Maurya
 B) Asoka
 C) Harshabardhan
 D) Samudragupta
231Mirza Ghalib was a contemporary of which in the below list Mughal Emperors?
 A) Shah Jahan
 B) Muhammad Shah
 C) Bahadur Shah Zafar
 D) Akbar
232Which dynasty was ruling in India, when Alexander invaded India?
 A) Nanda Dynasty
 B) Kushan Dynasty
 C) Maurya Dynasty
 D) Gupta Dynasty
233Which in the below list of states in India was ruled by the Ahom Dynasty in Sultanate and Mughal era?
 A) Odissa
 B) West Bengal
 C) Assam
 D) Kashmir
234During the tenure of which in the below list of Viceroys, Simon Commission was appointed?
 A) Lord Wellington
 B) Lord Irwin
 C) Lord Lytton
 D) Lord Curzon
235Which in the below list of organizations was established and led by Latika Ghosh, during freedom struggle of India?
 A) Nari Mukti bahini
 B) Mahila Rashtriya Sangha
 C) Nari Satyagraha Samiti
 D) Rashtriya mahila Sabha
236Agreeing to the Fiscal autonomy to India, the British Government established an Indian Fiscal Commission in the pre-independence Era in ____________?
 A) 1911
 B) 1919
 C) 1923
 D) 1929
237Who was the President of Indian National Congress at the time of Independence?
 A) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
 B) J B Kriplani
 C) Lal Bahadur Shashtri
 D) Jawahar Lal Nehru
238Who was the President of the constituent assembly?
 A) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
 B) Sardar Vallavbhai Patel
 C) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
 D) Lal Bahadur Shashtri
239The drafting of the constitution was completed on __________-?
 A) 26-Jan 1949
 B) 26-Nov 1949
 C) 26-Dec 1949
 D) 26-Jan 1950
240In which year, Liaquat-Nehru Pact was signed?
 A) 1950
 B) 1952
 C) 1955
 D) 1958

Check below for Answers.........
211Ans) Rajasthan
212Ans) Indian Councils Act 1909
213Ans) B N Rao
214Ans) 1956
215Ans) Akbar
216Ans) Humayun & Sherkhan
217Ans) Lord Macaulay
218Ans) Gujarat
219Ans) Cochin
220Ans) Annexation of Oudh
221Ans) Sanyasi Uprisings
222Ans) Calcutta
223Ans) Raja RamMohan Roy
224Ans) 1924
225Ans) Annie Besant
226Ans) Madras
227Ans) Rupaka
228Ans) Yajnavalkya Smriti
229Ans) 1944
230Ans) Asoka
231Ans) Bahadur Shah Zafar
232Ans) Nanda Dynasty
233Ans) Assam
234Ans) Lord Irwin
235Ans) Mahila Rashtriya Sangha
236Ans) 1919
237Ans) J B Kriplani
238Ans) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
239Ans) 26-Nov 1949
240Ans) 1950

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