Indian History 5

121The biggest mosque of India was built by which of the below Mughal emperors?
 A) Aurangzeb
 B) Shahjahan
 C) Akbar
 D) Jahangir
122Great Stupa at Sanchi is in ___________.
 A) Uttar Pradesh
 B) Madhya Pradesh
 C) Arunachal Pradesh
 D) Andhra Pradesh
123Who was the author of -Buddha Charita-?
 A) Asvaghosha
 B) Nagasena
 C) Nagarjuna
 D) Vasumitra
124The Ajanta Caves were built during the period of:
 A) Guptas
 B) Kushans
 C) Mauryas
 D) Chalukyas
125Who among the following also had the name Devanama Piyadasi?
 A) Mauryan King Ashoka
 B) Gautam Buddha
 C) Mauryan King Chandragupta Maurya
 D) Bhagwan Mahavira
126With which of the following centres of learning, Chanakya the famous teacher of Chandragupta Maurya, was associated?
 A) Takshasila
 B) Nalanda
 C) Vikramshila
 D) Vaishali
127In which year was the State of Jharkhand formed?
 A) 1998
 B) 1999
 C) 2000
 D) 2001
128The monk who influenced Ashoka to embrace Buddhism was ___________.
 A) Vishnu Gupta
 B) Upa Gupta
 C) Brahma Gupta
 D) Brihadrath
129In ancient India, the earliest capital of Magadha kingdom was at  ______________.
 A) Pataliputra
 B) Rajgir
 C) Vaishali
 D) Varanasi
130Who among the following historical personalities of India is also known as vishnugutpa?
 A) Bilhana
 B) Kalidasa
 C) Patanjali
 D) Chanakya
131Which event brought about a profound change Ashoka-s administrative policy?
 A) The Third Buddhist Council
 B) The Kalinga War
 C) His embracing of Buddhism
 D) His sending of missionary to Ceylon
132Which of the following was the oldest dynasty of India?
 A) Maurya
 B) Gupta
 C) Kushana
 D) Kanva
133Which of the following places is associated with Jainism?
 A) Kapilvastu
 B) Pava
 C) Prayag
 D) Shravasti
134Uttarakhand- State come into existence on ______________________.
 A) Novemeber 1, 2000
 B) November 9, 2000
 C) November 10, 2001
 D) January 1, 2008
135The division of Mauryan society into seven classes was particularly mentioned in ____________________.
 A) Kautilya-s Arthashastra-
 B) Ashokan edicts
 C) The Purans
 D) The -Indica- of Megasthenes
136Andhra Pradesh was created as a linguistic state in which year?
 A) 1950
 B) 1953
 C) 1956
 D) 1961
137Who among the following was appointed by Ashoka to administer justice in his empire?
 A) Sharmana
 B) Uparika
 C) Rajuka
 D) Kumar Amatya
138Kautilya-s Arthashastra- is a book on _____________.
 A) economic relations
 B) principle and practices of statecraft
 C) foreign policy
 D) duties of the king
139Who of the following was a contemporary of Alexander, the Great?
 A) Bimbisara
 B) Chandragupta Maurya
 C) Ashoka
 D) Pushyamitra Sunga
140The Indian king who opposed Alexander was _________
 A) Ambhi
 B) Porus
 C) Dhanananda
 D) Chandragupta
141Mahavira was born in 6th century BC  at -
 A) Vaishali
 B) Magadha
 C) Sarnath
 D) None of these
142Which was first capital of Magdha?
 A) Pataliputra
 B) Vaishali
 C) Girivarja ( Rajgriha)
 D) Champa
143When Alexander invaded India, who were the rulers of Magadha?
 A) Haryankas
 B) Shishunagas
 C) Nandas
 D) Mauryas
144Buddha means -
 A) the enlightened one
 B) the religious preacher
 C) the genious
 D) the powerful
145The mutiny of 1857 started from which place which later spreaded to other areas?
 A) Meerut
 B) Barrackpore
 C) Hyderabad
 D) Jhansi
146Simon Commission had visited India during the times of which in the below list Viceroys?
 A) Lord Curzon
 B) Lord Irwin
 C) Lord Lytton
 D) Lord Chelmsford
147At which session of the Muslim League, Mohammed Ali Jinnah had invented a new slogan "Divide and Quit" ?
 A) Karachi Session 1943
 B) Lahore Session 1943
 C) Lahore Session 1940
 D) Karachi Session 1940
148At which in the below list sessions, the All India Muslim league passed the Pakistan Resolution on 23 March 1940?
 A) Karachi
 B) Calcutta
 C) Lahore
 D) Bombay
149At which in the below list places, Green Pamphlet was issued by Mahatma Gandh iin 1896?
 A) Bombay
 B) Delhi
 C) Rajkot
 D) Sabarmati
150When the Constituent Assembly decided that India should become a republic?
 A) June 1947
 B) September 1947
 C) June 1948
 D) May 1949

Check below for Answers.........
121Ans) Shahjahan
122Ans) Uttar Pradesh
123Ans) Asvaghosha
124Ans) Guptas
125Ans) Mauryan King Ashoka
126Ans) Takshasila
127Ans) 1999
128Ans) Upa Gupta
129Ans) Rajgir
130Ans) Chanakya
131Ans) The Kalinga War
132Ans) Maurya
133Ans) Pava
134Ans) November 9, 2000
135Ans) The -Indica- of Megasthenes
136Ans) 1953
137Ans) Rajuka
138Ans) principle and practices of statecraft
139Ans) Chandragupta Maurya
140Ans) Porus
141Ans) Vaishali
142Ans) Girivarja ( Rajgriha)
143Ans) Nandas
144Ans) the enlightened one
145Ans) Meerut
146Ans) Lord Irwin
147Ans) Karachi Session 1943
148Ans) Lahore
149Ans) Rajkot
150Ans) May 1949

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