Indian History – IV Answers

46 When was the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution adopted? Ans) 1976
47 Where was held the 98th Indian Science Congress in early 2011? Ans) Chennai
48 Which among the following Industrial Policy resolution/ statement was based upon the Mahalanobis Model of growth? Ans) Industrial Policy resolution – 1956
49 S. Sundar Committee was in news recently for its report on which of the following? Ans)Motor vehicles Act, 1988
50 Which of the following was founded in 1956 by the Government of India with funding from the Ford Foundation? Ans) National Council of Applied Economic research
51 Indian Constituent Assembly adopted the design of Indian National Flag on? Ans) July 22, 1947
52 Who was the first foreign recipient of Bharat Ratna? Ans) Nelson Mandela
53 Who was the president ofIndiaduring emergency? Ans) Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
54 Where was the first Indian Institute of Management (IIM) established in 1961 ? Ans) Kolkata
55 In the ‘Individual Satyagraha’, Vinoba Bhave was chosen as the first Satyagrahi. Who was the second? Ans) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
56 Who among the following Prime Minsters sent Cripps Mission toIndia? Ans) Winston Churchill
57 InIndia, the first Municipal Corporation was set up in which one among the following cities? Ans)Calcutta
58 Who among the following founded the Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association? Ans) Mahatma Gandhi
59 Which one of the following slogans is attributed to Subhash Chandra Bose? Ans) Jai Hind
60 Bahadur Shah was the Ans)  last Mughal ruler

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