Indian History – II Answers

16 When were the Indian states Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttaranchal created? Ans)2000
17 Who among the following was the first woman to preside over the Indian National Congress? Ans)Sarojini Naidu
18 Mahatma Gandhi launched the legendary “Quit India” struggle on? Ans)8th August, 1942
19 The aim of which of the Five Year Plans was to correct the disequilibrium in the Indian economy? Ans) First Five Year Plan
20 Which of the following Five Year Plans recognized human development as the core of all developmental efforts? Ans) Eighth Five Year Plan
21 Which of the following plans aimed at improving the standard of living? Ans) Fourth Plan
22 In which of the following years were the cocking coals and non-cocking coal mines inIndianationalized? Ans) 1972 and 1973 respectively
23 Which of the following Five year plans plans aimed at the removal of poverty and attainment of self-reliance? Ans) Fifth plan
24 In which year was the policy of population planning adopted by the government ofIndia? Ans) 1952
25 In which year was the Govt. of India announced the Industrial Policy Resolution? Ans) 1948
26 Who is known as the “Father of White Revolution”? Ans) V Kurien
27 An Inter-state council was set up in 1990 under Article 263 of the constitution by the recommendation of  ? Ans) Sarkaria Commison
28 Which one of the following contains the “Gayatri Mantra”? Ans) All the above
29 How many times has Financial Emergency been declared inIndiaso far? Ans) Never
30 Who among the following moved the “Objective Resolution” in the Constituent Assembly? Ans) Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru

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