Indian Government Initiatives 9

161In which year Bharat Nirman campaign was launched?
 A) 2004
 B) 2005
 C) 2006
 D) 2009
162Public service commission in India was established for the first time by which act?
 A) Govt. of India Act 1935
 B) Govt. of India Act 1919
 C) Indian Councils Act 1935
 D) Govt. of India Act 1950
163Who entity recommends distribution of taxes between the Union and State Govt?
 A) Finance Minister
 B) Finance Commission
 C) Planning Commissions
 D) None of These
164In which year National Commission for Minorities was established?
 A) 1990
 B) 1989
 C) 1992
 D) 1995
165The power to decide an election petition in India is vested in the ________ ?
 A) Parliament
 B) Supreme Court
 C) Administrative Tribunal
 D) President
166Rajamanar Committee was constituted to recommend solution for ______________.
 A) Industrial Licensing
 B) Direct Taxes
 C) Centre State Fiscal Relations
 D) Indirect Taxes
167In which year for the first time Government introduced the Industrial Policy Resolution?
 A) 1948
 B) 1950
 C) 1952
 D) 1960
168Which in the below list is not included in Human Development index?
 A) Life expectancy
 B) Per Capita Income
 C) Social Inequality
 D) None of These
169The Citizenship act was passed by the Indian Parliament in __________
 A) 1958
 B) 1955
 C) 1950
 D) 1950
170The financial bill is introduced normally _______?
 A) Every year
 B) Every session of Parliament
 C) Every six months
 D) Every three years
171In which year SMERA (small & medium enterprises rating agency) was established?
 A) 2002
 B) 2005
 C) 2008
 D) 2010
172Which in the list of states does not have a bicameral legislature?
 A) Andhra Pradesh
 B) Bihar
 C) West Bengal
 D) Uttar Pradesh
173Which Indian state joined to Dominion of India after signing Instrument of Accession on October 26, 1947?
 A) Hyderabad
 B) Goa
 C) Jammu & Kashmir
 D) Sikkim
174Under whom (Chief Justices of India), the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) got a new dimension?
 A) Justice P. N. Bhagwati
 B) Justice E.S. Venkataramiah
 C) Justice Y. V. Chandrachud
 D) Justice Raghunandan Swarup Pathak
175If certain case required to take a decision regarding constitution of India then which Court has power to do so?
 A) Supreme Court Only
 B) Both High Court & Supreme Court
 C) High Court only
 D) None of These
176To deal with the common problems of North-East states, a North Eastern Council was set up in ___________.
 A) 1968
 B) 1971
 C) 1982
 D) 1984
177In which year Delimitation Commission or Boundary Commission was set up under the provisions of the Delimitation Commission Act?
 A) 2000
 B) 2001
 C) 2002
 D) 2003
178Which in the below list of Union Territories has a legislative assembly ?
 A) Daman & Diu
 B) Pondicherry
 C) Lakshadweep
 D) None of These
179In which year the eligibility to vote was changed from 21 yrs to 18 years?
 A) 1989
 B) 1991
 C) 1985
 D) 1984
180The first official language commission was appointed in 1955. Who was the chairman of this commission?
 A) M. V. Kamath
 B) B. G. Kher
 C) MC Chhagla
 D) None of These

Check below for Answers.........
161Ans) 2005
162Ans) Govt. of India Act 1919
163Ans) Finance Commission
164Ans) 1992
165Ans) Supreme Court
166Ans) Centre State Fiscal Relations
167Ans) 1948
168Ans) Social Inequality
169Ans) 1955
170Ans) Every year
171Ans) 2005
172Ans) West Bengal
173Ans) Jammu & Kashmir
174Ans) Justice P. N. Bhagwati
175Ans) Supreme Court Only
176Ans) 1971
177Ans) 2002
178Ans) Pondicherry
179Ans) 1989
180Ans) B. G. Kher

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