Indian Government Initiatives 8

141Who in the below list appoints the chairperson of National Monuments Authority?
 A) President
 B) Prime Minister
 C) Cabinet Committee on Appointments
 D) None of These
142Under which in the below list acts, Civil Services started in India?
 A) Charter Act 1823
 B) Charter Act 1833
 C) Charter Act 1838
 D) Charter Act 1850
143Who operates the National Disaster Response Fund which was constituted under the Disaster Management Act, 2005?
 A) Prime Minister
 B) Union Minister for Home Affairs
 C) Union Minister for Environment and Forests
 D) None of These
144Which is the highest body below the Parliament of India, responsible for formulating policy matters regarding planning for social and economic welfare and development of India?
 A) Planning Commission
 B) National Development Council
 C) National Advisory Council
 D) None of these
145How long a person should have practiced in a High Court to be eligible to be appointed as a Judge of Supreme Court of India?
 A) 10 Years
 B) 15 Years
 C) 12 Years
 D) 5 Years
146For which in the below list of offenses, COFEPOSA was enacted in 1970s?
 A) International Offenses
 B) Caste based Offenses
 C) Economic Offenses
 D) Terrorism Activities
147Which Ministry of India publishes the Employment News?
 A) Ministry of Labour & Employment
 B) Ministry of Finance
 C) Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
 D) Ministry of HRD
148The Bhaskar Ghosh Committee is related to issues of which scheme?
 A) Case based reservation
 B) Rural Development
 C) Cultural schemes
 D) None of These
149The Project Sankalp is related to which disease in the list?
 A) Polio
 C) Cancer
 D) Tuberculosis
150In which year Archaeological Survey of India was made a permanent body?
 A) 1902
 B) 1899
 C) 1904
 D) 1906
151 The R C Bhargava Committee had recommended a higher Government Control on ____________.
 A) Indian Institutes of Technology
 B) Indian Institutes of Management
 C) Indian Institutes of Information Technology
 D) None of These
152Which constitutional body is appointed by the president, every five years to review centre state financial relationships?
 A) Finance Commission
 B) Inter State Commission
 C) Inter State Council
 D) Zonal Council
153In which year first five year plan was launched?
 A) 1949
 B) 1951
 C) 1952
 D) 1952
154In which year, Environment (Protection) Act was enacted?
 A) 1982
 B) 1985
 C) 1986
 D) 1991
155Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India acts as the chief accountant and auditor for the _________
 A) Union and state govt
 B) Union govt
 C) State govt
 D) None of These
156Which five year plan of India is called "Industry and Transport" plan?
 A) First Five Year Plan
 B) Second Five year Plan
 C) Third Five Year Plan
 D) Fourth Five Year Plan
157Which is the highest body that approves a Five year Plan?
 A) Ministry of Finance
 B) Planning Commission
 C) National Development Council
 D) Parliament
158On the basis of recommendations of Raghavan Committee, the Government of India has passed The Competition Act in ___________.
 A) 2001
 B) 2003
 C) 2005
 D) 2007
159Which in the below list is true about " Right to Information Act " ?
 A) It extends whole of India except Union Teritorries
 B) It extends whole of India except Jammu & Kashmir
 C) It extends whole of India except Jammu & Kashmir and Sikkim
 D) It extends whole of India
160Which in the below list is a Govt.'s flagship programme for Rural Housing ?
 A) Indira Awas Yojna
 B) B R Ambedkar Awas Yojna
 C) Rajiv Gandhi Rural Development programme
 D) Rajiv Awas Yojna

Check below for Answers.........
141Ans) President
142Ans) Charter Act 1833
143Ans) Union Minister for Home Affairs
144Ans) National Development Council
145Ans) 10 Years
146Ans) Economic Offenses
147Ans) Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
148Ans) Cultural schemes
149Ans) HIV/ AIDS
150Ans) 1906
151Ans) Indian Institutes of Management
152Ans) Finance Commission
153Ans) 1951
154Ans) 1986
155Ans) Union and state govt
156Ans) Second Five year Plan
157Ans) National Development Council
158Ans) 2003
159Ans) It extends whole of India except Jammu & Kashmir
160Ans) Indira Awas Yojna

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