Indian Government Initiatives 7

121In which year Kendriya Vidyalayas were established?
 A) 1956
 B) 1965
 C) 1968
 D) 1972
122Which in the below list ministry gives Medini Puraskar every year?
 A) Ministry of Arts and Culture
 B) Ministry of Environment and Forests
 C) Ministry of Rural Development
 D) Ministry of Finance
123In which year Indian Railway was nationalized?
 A) 1947
 B) 1950
 C) 1953
 D) 1956
124In which year Public Debt Act was passed ?
 A) 1931
 B) 1942
 C) 1944
 D) 1948
125B.G. Verghese Committee 1977 is most commonly related to ______________?
 A) India Post act
 B) Prasar Bharti Act
 C) Nationalization of Banks
 D) Creation of NABARD
126The Shivraman Committee recommendation led to the establishment of ________?
 A) Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI)
 B) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
 C) Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)
 D) Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT)
127Right to Safety, Right to information, Right to Choose, Right to be heard & Right to Seek Redressal are the essential components of ____________?
 A) Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of India
 B) The Consumer Protection Act
 C) Prevention of Corruption Act
 D) None of These
128Approval of which in the below list is needed to draw funds from Consolidated Fund of India?
 A) President
 B) Parliament
 C) Council of Minister
 D) Prime Minister
129The salary of the Judge of High Court are charged from ________________.
 A) Consolidated Fund of India
 B) Consolidated Fund of State
 C) Central Government
 D) None of These
130The registration of Voters is a responsibility of _________________?
 A) Individual Voters
 B) Central Government
 C) Election Commission
 D) State Government
131In which in the below list of states, maximum Coast Guard Stations have been established in India?
 A) Maharastra
 B) Kerala
 C) Gujarat
 D) Tamil Nadu
132The number of the Judges in the Supreme Court of India can be increased by ____________?
 A) An act of parliament
 B) Amendment of Constitution of India
 C) A Presidential Notification
 D) None of These
133As per the Government of India act 1919, the life of the Council of State and Legislative Assembly were _____________-.
 A) 5 Years , 3 years
 B) 3 Years, 3 years
 C) 5 years, 5 years
 D) 3 Years, 5 Years
134Which in the below list of authorities appoints a Deputy Governor in Reserve Bank of India?
 A) Governor of RBI
 B) Ministry of Finance
 C) Central Government
 D) Committee of the Central Board
135Who in the below list is the first citizen of a city in India?
 A) Mayor
 B) Chairman
 C) Sheriff
 D) Member of Legislative Assembly
136Maulana Azad National Fellowship scheme is available in India for the students of _____________?
 A) 5 Notified Minorities
 B) BPL Families of Muslims
 C) BPL Families of 5 Notified Minorities
 D) None of These
137A Public Debt Office works as investment banker to the _____?
 A) Parliament
 B) Commercial Banks
 D) Government
138Which is the correct fullform of NPCR, a modified version of Trai's 'Do Not Call Registry' list?
 A) National Customer Preference Registry
 B) National Customer Privacy Registry
 C) National Customer Protection Registry
 D) None of These
139Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which provides AADHAAR is a part of ____________.
 A) Ministry of Finance
 B) Planning Commission
 C) Ministry of Home Affairs
 D) Ministry of Planning and Implementation
140Which in the below list is the basic territorial unit of Administration in India?
 A) Block
 B) Sub-Division
 C) District
 D) Village

Check below for Answers.........
121Ans) 1965
122Ans) Ministry of Environment and Forests
123Ans) 1950
124Ans) 1944
125Ans) Prasar Bharti Act
126Ans) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
127Ans) The Consumer Protection Act
128Ans) Parliament
129Ans) Consolidated Fund of State
130Ans) Election Commission
131Ans) Gujarat
132Ans) By an act of parliament
133Ans) 5 years, 5 years
134Ans) Central Government
135Ans) Mayor
136Ans) 5 Notified Minorities
137Ans) Government
138Ans) National Customer Preference Registry
139Ans) Planning Commission
140Ans) District

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