Indian Government Initiatives 5

81The government has set up a 7-member Tax Administration Reform Commission (TARC) to revisit tax laws and suggest measures for putting in place a stable and non-adversarial tax administration. Who will head the commission?
 A) A C Shah
 B) Parthasarathi Shome
 C) S S Tarapore
 D) R J Kamath
82Which Indian city launched "Ladli scheme" in August 2013 in which a grant of 5000 rupees per year, per family is given for five years on the birth of the second daughter in a family?
 A) Ahmedabad
 B) New Delhi
 C) Chandigarh
 D) Bhopal
83Which Indian state launched "Bhumi Sena Scheme" for reclamation of the barren, usar (alkaline soils) and ravenous land in August 2013?
 A) Madhya Pradesh
 B) Uttar Pradesh
 C) Gujarat
 D) Maharashtra
84Which state launched "Ksheera Bhagya Scheme" in which over 65 lakh school children in 51,000 Government schools and 39 lakh children in anganwadi centres across the State will now receive 150 ml of milk three times a week?
 A) Karnataka
 B) Madhya Pradesh
 C) Maharashtra
 D) Gujarat
85As per new notification by the Central Government in August 2013, Retired All India Services (IAS, IPS and IFoS) officials will get 20% of additional pension after completing _____  of age
 A) 60 years
 B) 75 years
 C) 80 years
 D) 85 years
86The Parliament has passed the Land Acquisition Bill in August 2013. The bill requires mandatory consent of at least _____ for acquiring land for Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects and ____ for acquiring land for private companies
 A) 70%, 80%
 B) 60%, 80%
 C) 50%, 75%
 D) 80%, 90%
87Who launched the -Clean India Campaign- at world heritage site, Taj Mahal in August 2013?
 A) Shalman Khurshid
 B) K. Chiranjeevi
 C) Ashwini Kumar
 D) Kapil Sibal
88-Seekho Aur Kamao- (Learn and Earn) Progrmme Launched by which ministry of Union Government of India in Sep 2013 for Skill Development of Minorities?
 A) Ministry of Minority Affairs
 B) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
 C) Ministry of Rural Development
 D) Ministry of Home affairs
89The Government of India launched a unique project to put 100 most important Indian heritage sites online in collaboration with which IT/Internet giant in Oct 2013?
 A) Google
 B) Yahoo
 C) Microsoft
 D) Amazon
90The Central Government has constituted a high-level committee headed by ________ to look at the division of assets and the administrative framework for Telengana formation from Andhra Pradesh in Oct 2013.
 A) Umesh Bellur
 B) Arvind Mayaram
 C) K Vijay Kumar
 D) Mukul Mudgal
91"Heal India" campaign was launched in Oct 2013 to raise awareness about _______ disease.
 B) Leprosy
 C) TB
 D) Swine Flu
92In which year, Planning Commission was established in India?
 A) 1950
 B) 1951
 C) 1958
 D) 1947
93In which year, "20 Point Programme" was initiated for the first time in India?
 A) 1971
 B) 1975
 C) 1985
 D) 1991
94Which in the below list is the first state in India to make voting compulsory?
 A) Gujarat
 B) Maharastra
 C) Tripura
 D) Kerala
95Planning Commission of India was established by which in the below list means?
 A) Act of Parliament
 B) Cabinet Resolution
 C) Presidential Ordinance
 D) None of These
96Who in the below list is the chairman of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)?
 A) Prime Minister of India
 B) Minister of Science & Technology
 C) Secretary, Department of Technology
 D) None of these
97The Mandal Commission was constituted during the tenure of which Prime Minister?
 A) Indira Gandhi
 B) P V Narsima Rao
 C) Rajiv Gandhi
 D) Morar Ji Desai
98In which year, First Public Service Commission was set up in India?
 A) 1911
 B) 1926
 C) 1929
 D) 1932
99In which year, Staff Selection Commission was set up for Group B and Group C posts in various departments?
 A) 1976
 B) 1978
 C) 1982
 D) 1985
100Which Five Year Plan was launched with specific objective of "Growth with Stability"?
 A) Third Five year Plan
 B) Fourth Five Year Plan
 C) Fifth Five Year Plan
 D) Sixth Five Year Plan

Check below for Answers.........
81Ans) Parthasarathi Shome
82Ans) Chandigarh
83Ans) Uttar Pradesh
84Ans) Karnataka
85Ans) 80 years
86Ans) 70%, 80%
87Ans) K. Chiranjeevi
88Ans) Ministry of Minority Affairs
89Ans) Google
90Ans) K Vijay Kumar
91Ans) Leprosy
92Ans) 1950
93Ans) 1975
94Ans) Gujarat
95Ans) Cabinet Resolution
96Ans) Prime Minister of India
97Ans) Morar Ji Desai
98Ans) 1926
99Ans) 1976
100Ans) Fourth Five Year Plan

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