Indian Government Initiatives 3

41Which Indian state was the first state to present a bill on establishment of Lokayukta in 1970?
 A) Bihar
 B) Maharashtra
 C) Orissa
 D) Uttar Pradesh
42In which year, India launched its Family Planning Program?
 A) 1949
 B) 1950
 C) 1952
 D) 1955
43Lokpal Bill was introduced in parliament for the first time in?
 A) 2001
 B) 2012
 C) 1968
 D) 1975
44Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) was instituted by which Ministry?
 A) Rural Development Ministry
 B) Child Welfare Ministry
 C) Human Welfare Ministry
 D) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
45The Reverse mortgage scheme is launched to give benefit to?
 A) Poor Citizens
 B) Womens
 C) Senior Citizens
 D) Unemployed individuals
46Which state government launched -Kanyadan- scheme under which an incentive of Rs 11,000 will be given to brides during mass marriage ceremony organised by Red Cross Societies or any registered NGO?
 A) Uttar Pradesh
 B) Punjab
 C) Bihar
 D) Haryana
47Which state in India has announced to observe year 2013 as Information Technology Empowerment Year?
 A) Karnataka
 B) Andhra Pradesh
 C) Bihar
 D) Madhya Pradesh
48Which state launced "Atal Jyoti Abhiyan" scheme under which the government would provide 24 hours power supply for domestic use in rural areas and agriculture connection holders will get minimum eight hours power supply?
 A) Gujarat
 B) Uttar Pradesh
 C) Tamil Nadu
 D) Madhya Pradesh
49The government has set up an expert committee to review institutional framework of Prasar Bharti which is headed by?
 A) Sam Pitroda
 B) Nandan Nilekai
 C) Shashi Tharoor
 D) None of These
50Which of the following committees/commissions was set up to suggest measures for effective implementation of Public Distribution System (PDS)?
 A) Kelkar Committee
 B) Verma Commissiom
 C) DP Wadhwa Committee
 D) Kirit Parikh Committee
51Which state launched the Sparsh Abhiyan program for rehabilitation and empowerment of the disabled, aged and the destitute?
 A) Haryana
 B) Madhya Pradesh
 C) Karnataka
 D) Bihar
52Which of the following commission has been set up to investigate illegal mining in different states?
 A) Justice Verma Commission
 B) Justices Madan B Lokur Commission
 C) Justice OP Bhatt Commission
 D) Justice MB Shah Commission
53As per budget 2013-14, which of the following funds has been set up with Rs. 1,000 crore to empower women and to keep them safe and secure?
 A) Malala Fund
 B) Nirbhaya Fund
 C) Mahila Fund
 D) None of These
54The government has set up a committee of experts to prepare the blueprint of India-s first women-s bank. The committee is headed by
 A) Pratip Chaudhuri
 B) M B N Rao
 C) O P Bhatt
 D) B A Prabhakar
55Which state government launched Mukhyamantri Yuva Swarozgar Yojana, a scheme which aims to provide loans through banks to youths to set up their own industries or business in April 2013?
 A) Madhya Pradesh
 B) Haryana
 C) Gujarat
 D) Maharashtra
56Which of the following is CAPART associated with?
 A) Energy Sector
 B) Rural development
 C) Education Sector
 D) Scientific Research
57The three tier system of Panchayati Raj was adopted by which state for the first time?
 A) Rajasthan
 B) Andhra Pradesh
 C) Bihar
 D) Karnataka
58Which state has launched 'Udaan', a website to provide skills and enhance employability for the youth?
 A) Haryana
 B) Jammu and Kashmir
 C) Uttar Pradesh
 D) Himachal Pradesh
59Right to property was removed from the list of Fundamental Rights during the rule of _________________.
 A) Indira Gandhi Government
 B) Morarji Desai Government
 C) Narasimha Rao Government
 D) Vajpayee Government
60Who among the following Bollywood actors was appointed brand ambassador to spread awareness about sanitation and cleanliness in India?
 A) Priyanka Chopra
 B) Aamir Khan
 C) Amitabh Bachchan
 D) Vidya Balan

Check below for Answers.........
41Ans) Orissa
42Ans) 1952
43Ans) 1968
44Ans) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
45Ans) Senior Citizens
46Ans) Haryana
47Ans) Madhya Pradesh
48Ans) Madhya Pradesh
49Ans) Sam Pitroda
50Ans) DP Wadhwa Committee
51Ans) Madhya Pradesh
52Ans) Justice MB Shah Commission
54Ans) M B N Rao
55Ans) Madhya Pradesh
56Ans) Rural development
57Ans) Rajasthan
58Ans) Jammu and Kashmir
59Ans) Morarji Desai Government
60Ans) Vidya Balan