Indian Government Initiatives 10

181Which committee made a recommendation that election commission should be a three member body?
 A) Tarkunde Committee
 B) Ashok Mehta Committee
 C) Y V Reddy Committee
 D) Rangarajan Committee
182The uniform civil code which has been recommended in the directive principles is to ensure ___________.
 A) National Integration
 B) Economic Equality
 C) Fundamental Rights
 D) Fundamental Duties
183Agricultural Census is done in every _________.
 A) 8 years
 B) 5 years
 C) 3 years
 D) 12 years
184Which in the below list is related to Panchayati Raj Institutions?
 A) Justice Verma Committee
 B) Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
 C) Mukul Mudgal Committee
 D) None of These
185Dutt Committee was related to _________________.
 A) Industrial licensing
 B) Tax  Reforms
 C) PSU disinvestment
 D) End of Panchayat Raj
186In which year Government of India started Navratna category for its PSUs?
 A) 1991
 B) 1997
 C) 1999
 D) 2002
187In which year Prime Minister's national Council on Skill Development was set up?
 A) 2005
 B) 2006
 C) 2008
 D) 2010
188In which year All India Services Act was passed?
 A) 1950
 B) 1951
 C) 1952
 D) 1955
189In which of the five year plan in India, the concept of Financial Inclusion was included for the first time?
 A) 9th Five Year Plan
 B) 10th  Five Year Plan
 C) 11th  Five Year Plan
 D) 12th  Five Year Plan
190In which year Industrial Licensing was introduced in India?
 A) 1950
 B) 1951
 C) 1957
 D) 1961
191The Qualifications of a candidate for Attorney General must be equivalent to ___?
 A) A Judge of High Court
 B) A Judge of Supreme Court
 C) A Minimum Practice of 10 years in High Courts
 D) None of These
192Which plan document has a subtitle "Inclusive growth" ?
 A) 10th Five year Plan
 B) 11th Five year Plan
 C) Bhart Nirman
 D)12th Five year Plan
193Who was head of the Committee constituted to short list five symbols from 4,000 entries from a public competition for Indian Rupee?
 A) Sabir Gokaran
 B) Usha Thorat
 C) Y V Reddy
 D) Bimal Jalan
194After every ______ years Finance Commission is appointed by the Central Government.
 A) 3 years
 B) 4 years
 C) 5 years
 D) 6 years
195In which year Ecological Task Forces (ETFs) scheme was launched?
 A) 1981
 B) 1983
 C) 1988
 D) 1992
196Which was set up primarily for the rehabilitation of Sick units?
 A) Industrial Finance Corporation of India
 B) Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India
 C) Small Industries Development Bank of India
 D) None of These
197In which year National Seeds Corporation was set up?
 A) 1954
 B) 1966
 C) 1963
 D) 1975
198In which year Market Access Initiative (MAI) scheme was launched?
 A) 2000
 B) 2001
 C) 2002
 D) 2003
199Which makes recommendations to the central government for granting financial aid to the states from the consolidated fund of India?
 A) Planning Commission
 B) National Advisory Committee
 C) Public Accounts Committee
 D) Finance Commission
200Who nominates the chairman of Public Accounts committee of India?
 A) Prime Minister
 B) President
 C) Speaker of Lok Sabha
 D) Finance Minister

Check below for Answers.........
181Ans) Tarkunde Committee
182Ans) National Integration
183Ans) 5 years
184Ans) Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
185Ans) Industrial licensing
186Ans) 1997
187Ans) 2008
188Ans) 1951
189Ans) 11th  Five Year Plan
190Ans) 1951
191Ans) A Judge of Supreme Court
192Ans) 11th Five year Plan
193Ans) Usha Thorat
194Ans) 5 years
195Ans) 1982
196Ans) Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India
197Ans) 1963
198Ans) 2003
199Ans) Finance Commission
200Ans) Speaker of Lok Sabha

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