Indian Economy 4

61Who in the below list are the beneficiaries of the Mill Gate Price Scheme (MGPS)?
 A) Cotton Farmers
 B) Handloom organizations
 C) Jute and Wool Farmers
 D) Contton Exporters
62In India, the Foreign Exchange Reserves are kept in the custody of _____________.
 A) Ministry of Finance
 B) Consolidation funds of India
 C) Reserve Bank of India
 D) None of These
63Which agricultural commodity of India gives largest in terms of export value?
 A) Tea
 B) Basmati Rice
 C) Coffee
 D) Cotton
64Deepak Parekh Committee is related to____________
 A) Industrial Reforms
 B) FDI reforms
 C) Infrastructure Financing
 D) Banking Reforms
65The economic activities of Jharkhand are mainly dominated by ?
 A) Agriculture
 B) Mineral Resources
 C) Small scale handicrafts
 D) Heavy Industries
66Who entity recommends distribution of taxes between the Union and State Govt?
 A) Finance Minister
 B) Finance Commission
 C) Planning Commissions
 D) None of These
67The Reserve Bank of India intervenes in the market at regular intervals to direct the movement of Rupee values. This means that India's exchange rate system is a _______?
 A) Free Float System
 B) Managed Float System
 C) Currency Board
 D) Fixed Currency System
68Corporate Tax is a kind of _______?
 A) Direct tax
 B) Indirect Tax
 C) Service Tax
 D) None of These
69Which in the below list defines 'revenue deficit'?
 A) Revenue expenditure minus revenue receipts
 B) Revenue receipts minus revenue expenditure
 C) Revenue expenditure plus revenue receipts
 D) None of These
70Rajamanar Committee was constituted to recommend solution for ______________.
 A) Industrial Licensing
 B) Direct Taxes
 C) Centre State Fiscal Relations
 D) Indirect Taxes
71Which in the below list is true regarding NNP ?
 A) GNP + depreciation
 B) GNP - depreciation
 C) GNP + Exports
 D) GNP + Imports
72Which in the below list is not an indicator of Human Development Index?
 A) National income
 B) Life expectancy
 C) Educational level
 D) GDP Growth
73Which in the below list makes the largest share of revenue earned by India?
 A) Personal Income Tax
 B) Customs Duty
 C) Corporate Tax
 D) Sales Tax
74Which in the below list is not the economic factor responsible to increase poverty in India?
 A) Inequalities of Income
 B) Mass illiteracy
 C) Low productivity in Agriculture
 D) None of These
75In which year 'Ad hoc Treasury bill System' of meeting budget deficit in India was replaced by Ways and Means (WMA) Advances System?
 A) 1991
 B) 1997
 C) 1999
 D) 2001
76Indian Government approved which year as the base year to publish monthly Inflation data?
 A) 2001
 B) 2002
 C) 2004
 D) 2006
77In which year "Zero Based Budgeting" started in India?
 A) 1978
 B) 1983
 C) 1991
 D) 1994
78How many commodities are under the WPI belt, used to calculate overall inflation?
 A) 332
 B) 423
 C) 447
 D) 516
79Which year is known for BOP crisis in Indian Economy?
 A) 1974
 B) 1981
 C) 1991
 D) 2001
80___________________ is the most abundant human resource in India.
 A) High Skilled Labor in Organized Sector
 B) High Skilled Labor in Unorganized Sector
 C) Low skilled Labor in Organized sector
 D) Low skilled Labor in Unorganized sector

Check below for Answers.........
61Ans) Handloom organizations
62Ans) Reserve Bank of India
63Ans) Basmati Rice
64Ans) Infrastructure Financing
65Ans) Mineral Resources
66Ans) Finance Commission
67Ans) Managed Float System
68Ans) Direct tax
69Ans) Revenue expenditure minus revenue receipts
70Ans) Centre State Fiscal Relations
71Ans) GNP - depreciation
72Ans) National income
73Ans) Corporate Tax
74Ans) Inequalities of Income
75Ans) 1997
76Ans) 2004
77Ans) 1983
78Ans) 447
79Ans) 1991
80Ans) Low skilled Labor in Unorganized sector

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