Indian Economy 3

41Which bank contributes in the compilation of Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) in India?
 A) Reserve Bank of India
 B) EXIM Bank of India
 C) HSBC Bank
 D) Asia Development Bank
42Which in the below list in India releases data on balance of payments (BoP)?
 A) Central Statistical Organization
 B) Ministry of Finance, Government of India
 C) Reserve Bank of India
43Which in the below list represents an example in which National Income is double counted?
 A) Cotton Output and Cotton cloth output
 B) Coal energy output and hydro electric energy output
 C) Tax receipts and Salaries of Revenue Officers
 D) None of these
44Foreign Investment Promotion Board works under which in the below Ministry/Regulatory body?
 B) Ministry of Finance
 C) Ministry of Commerce
 D) Reserve Bank of India
45The Post office deposits are included _________________?
 A) Only M2
 B) Only M1 & M2
 C) Only M3 & M4
 D) Only M2 & M4
46Household sector in India invests maximum part of its savings in which sectpr/saving instrument?
 A) Insurance
 B) Fixed Deposits
 C) Mutual Funds
 D) Government Securities
47Which in the below list decides the Minimum Support Prices on behalf of the Government of India?
 A) Ministry of Agriculture
 B) Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
 C) Agriculture Cost and Price Commission
 D) Ministry of Finance
48What do we call, when the Government meets the gap of the public expenditure and public revenue by printing new currency?
 A) Fiscal Deficit
 B) Monetary Financing
 C) Deficit Financing
 D) None of These
49Investment in which in the below list is the Most Risk Free asset of a Bank as per the RBI guidelines?
 A) Loans against Gold
 B) Government Approved Securities
 C) Government Securities
 D) Fixed Deposits in Banks
50Some grains and food products can be exported without quantitative limits subject to a specified MEP. What does MEP stands for here?
 A) Modified Export Permission
 B) Maximum Export Permission
 C) Minimum Export Price
 D) Maximum Export Price
51The Government uses which in the below list as last resort in deficit financing?
 A) External Borrowing
 B) Internal Borrowing
 C) Printing Currency
 D) None of These
52If the Reserve Bank of India wants to block foreign Capital Outflows and contain the currency depreciation, which would be the most possible action?
 A) Increase Interest Rates
 B) Decrease Interest Rates
 C) Purchase Government Bonds
 D) Decrease CRR
53If the government chooses to spend freshly printed money against government securities, it will be termed as ________________.
 A) Fiscal adjustment
 B) Deficit Financing
 C) Mandatory spending
 D) None of These
54To get the Credit History of a company, which entity should be approached?
55Microcredit or microfinance is a novel approach to banking with the poor through JLGs and SHGs. What is full form of JLG?
 A) Joint Lending Groups
 B) Joint Liability Groups
 C) Joint Lenders Groups
 D) Joint Local Groups
56A Public Debt Office works as investment banker to the _____?
 A) Parliament
 B) Commercial Banks
 D) Government
57Income generated from Tourism can be placed in which in the below list?
 A) Invisible Import
 B) Invisible Export
 C) Visible Import
 D) Visible Export
58Which among these is the most volatile Foreign Capital?
 A) External Commercial Borrowings
 B) Foreign Direct Investment
 C) Loans from International Financial Institutions
 D) Foreign Portfolio Investment
59Which in the below list of industries generates invisible exports?
 A) Fishing
 B) Travel & Tourism
 C) Jewellery
 D) Handicrafts
60The Direct Taxes Code is related to which in the below list?
 A) Income Tax
 B) Sales Tax
 C) Excise Duty
 D) Service Tax

Check below for Answers.........
41Ans) HSBC Bank
42Ans) Reserve Bank of India
43Ans) Cotton Output and Cotton cloth output
44Ans) Ministry of Finance
45Ans) Only M2 & M4
46Ans) Fixed Deposits
47Ans) Agriculture Cost and Price Commission
48Ans) Deficit Financing
49Ans) Government Securities
50Ans) Minimum Export Price
51Ans) Printing Currency
52Ans) Increase Interest Rates
53Ans) Deficit Financing
54Ans) CIBIL
55Ans) Joint Liability Groups
56Ans) Government
57Ans) Invisible Export
58Ans) Foreign Portfolio Investment
59Ans) Travel & Tourism
60Ans) Income Tax

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