Indian Economy 1

1Out of 27 members of the European Union, which country is India's biggest trade partner?
 A) UK
 B) France
 C) Germany
 D) Italy
2Which of the following was the biggest contributor of FDI in India?
 A)  Mauritius
 B)  USA
 C)  Japan
 D)  UK
3Which of the following estimates the National Income in India?
 A) Central Statistical Organization
 B) National Income Committee
 C) Planning commission
 D) Reserve Bank of India
4In India which of the following taxes is levied by the state governments?
 A) Excise duty on liquor
 B) Capital gains tax
 C) Customs tax
 D) corporation tax
5SDR, the currency of the IMF, is in the form of
 A) Paper Currency
 B) Gold
 C) Silver and Gold both
 D) Book keeping entry only
6"Hindu Rate of growth" refers to the rate of growth of
 B) Population
 C) Food grains
 D) Per capita income
7Which among the following body finalizes the market-borrowing programmers of State Governments in India?
 A) State Governments
 C) Union Ministry of Finance
 D) Planning Commission
8Which core sector industry has the highest weight in the index of Industrial Production (IIP)?
 A) Crude Oil
 B) Petroleum refinery Products
 C) Coal
 D) Electricity
9India spends its highest forex reserves/amounts to import which commodity?
 A) Gold
 B) Crude Oil
 C) Coal
 D) Steel
10India earns highest forex amount from export of which commodity?
 A) Tea
 B) Iron
 C) Cotton
 D) Coal
11Which sector in the list is part of eight core sectors in India?
 A) Garment
 B) Fertilizer
 C) Leather
 D) Jute
12India's headline inflation is calculated using?
 A) Retail Price Index
 B) Consumer Price Index
 C) Wholesale Price Index
 D) None of These
13Indian Government earned revenues from private companies mainly through?
 A) Income Tax
 B) Sales Tax
 C) Excise Tax
 D) Corporate Tax
14Which sector has the highest weight in the Gross Domestic Savings of India?
 A) Private Sector
 B) Government Sector
 C) House Hold Sector
 D) Public Sector
15Trade control in India is regulated by?
 A) EXIM Bank
 B) Directorate General of Foreign Trade
16Which of the following sectors has the largest weight in India's overall economic activity?
 A) Services
 B) Manufacturing
 C) Agricultural
 D) Hospitality and Tourism
17The largest source of National Income in India is______
 A) Service sector
 B) Agricultural Sector
 C) Industrial sector
 D) Trade sector
18India's IIP index was revised with 2004-05 as the new base, also the total number of items covered has increased to ___ from earlier 538.
 A) 652
 B) 695
 C) 682
 D) 648
19The per-capita income in India is calculated by?
 A) Planning Commission
 B) Central Statistical Organization
 D) Central Financial Organization
20Which one is not included in the Indian economy?
 A) M1
 B) M2
 C) M3
 D) Both M1 and M2

Check below for Answers.........
1Ans) Germany
2Ans) Mauritius
3Ans) Central Statistical Organization
4Ans) Excise duty on liquor
5Ans) Book keeping entry only
6Ans) GDP
7Ans) Planning Commission
8Ans) Electricity
9Ans) Crude Oil
10Ans) Cotton
11Ans) Fertilizer
12Ans) Wholesale Price Index
13Ans) Corporate Tax
14Ans) House Hold Sector
15Ans) Directorate General of Foreign Trade
16Ans) Services
17Ans) Service sector
18Ans) 682
19Ans) Central Statistical Organization
20Ans) M2