Indian Constitution 13

361Who in the below list can suspend the fundamental rights?
 A) Supreme Court
 B) President
 C) Parliament
 D) None of These
362What is the maximum permissible time gap between two sessions of parliament?
 A) Three Months
 B) Six Months
 C) Nine Months
 D) One Year
363Who in the below list supervises the Lok Sabha secretariat?
 A) Minister of Home Affairs
 B) Minister of parliamentary affairs
 C) Lok Sabha Speaker
 D) President
364A judge of supreme court, who wishes to retire before end of his term will address his resignation to _____?
 A) President
 B) Chief Justice of India
 C) Union law Minister
 D) Lok Sabha Speaker
365Who in the below list has power to remove a judge of High Court?
 A) President
 B) Governor on the basis of recommendation of state legislature
 C) Chief justice of India
 D) President on the basis of resolution by Parliament
366From which in the below list of houses Impeachment of president can be started?
 A) Lok Sabha
 B) Rajya Sabha
 C) Either House
 D) Both of them
367In which language a member of parliament can express himself in the house?
 A) Either Hindi or English
 B) Either Hindi , English or Mother Tongue
 C) Only Hindi or Mother Tongue
 D) Any Indian Language
368The original constitution of India had how many schedules?
 A) 6
 B) 7
 C) 8
 D) 10
369Who in the below list reserves the right to initiate the Constitutional Amendment?
 A) Supreme Court of India
 B) President
 C)  Parliament
 D) None of These
370Which in the below list of fundamental rights has been deleted by 44th amendment bill?
 A) Right to property
 B) Right to land
 C) Right against exploitation
 D) Right to banking
371If certain case required to take a decision regarding constitution of India then which Court has power to do so?
 A) Supreme Court Only
 B) Both High Court & Supreme Court
 C) High Court only
 D) None of These
372In which year the eligibility to vote was changed from 21 yrs to 18 years?
 A) 1989
 B) 1991
 C) 1985
 D) 1984
373Which article empowers the president of India to appoint a Special Officer for Linguistic Minorities?
 A) Article 347
 B) Article 350
 C) Article 350B
 D) Article 335
374Protection of wild life comes under ___________________.
 A) Fundamental Right
 B) Fundamental Duty
 C) Fundamental Principles
 D) None of These
375The fundamental duties were incorporated in the Indian Constitution in ____________.
 A) 1972
 B) 1976
 C) 1980
 D) 1984
376The uniform civil code which has been recommended in the directive principles is to ensure ___________.
 A) National Integration
 B) Economic Equality
 C) Fundamental Rights
 D) Fundamental Duties
377Which in the below list is NOT a fundamental duty of a citizen?
 A) Respect for the constitution
 B) Respect for the National Flag
 C) Respect for the Government
 D) Respect for the National Anthem
378In which type of the question a written answer is desired?
 A) Starred Question
 B) Unstarred Question
 C) Short notice questions
 D) None of These
379In which type of the question a Oral answer is sufficient?
 A) Starred Question
 B) Unstarred Question
 C) Short notice questions
 D) Both A and C
380Whom in the below list is appointed by the President of India?
 A) Chief Election Commissioner
 B) Speaker of Lok Sabha
 C) Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
 D) None of These
381Which Article deals with the rights of citizenships of certain persons of Indian origin residing outside of India?
 A) Article 8
 B) Article 6
 C) Article 9
 D) Article 10
382Which Constitutional Amendment is related to Right to Education Bill ?
 A) The 84th Constitutional Amendment
 B) The 86th Constitutional Amendment
 C) The 92nd Constitutional Amendment
 D) The 95th Constitutional Amendment
383Who in the below list can establish an Inter-State Council?
 A) Supreme Court
 B) President
 C) Vice President
 D) Prime Minister
384Which article of the Indian constitution gives an extensive original jurisdiction to the Supreme Court in regard to enforcement of Fundamental Rights?
 A) Article 31
 B) Article 32
 C) Article 34
 D) Article 36
385Which in the below list of Fundamental rights has been most controversial?
 A) Right to Freedom
 B) Right to Property
 C) Right to Education
 D) Freedom of Speech
386In India whose salary is exempted from Income Tax?
 A) Prime Minister
 B) All Ministers
 C) President
 D) Speaker of Lok Sabha
387Which language was included in the eighth schedule by Constitution (21st) amendment Bill in 1967?
 A) Odiya
 B) Sindhi
 C) Gujarati
 D) Bengali
388Whose consent is required for a money bill to originate in the state legislature?
 A) Finance Minister
 B) President
 C) Governor
 D) Prime Minister
389Which schedule of Indian Constitution deals with territories of all the states and 7UTs of the Indian Union?
 A) Schedule One
 B) Schedule Two
 C) Schedule Three
 D) Schedule Four
390The contingency fund of India has been placed at the disposal of ____________________-.
 A) Prime Minister of India
 B) President of India
 C) Parliament of India
 D) CAG of India

Check below for Answers.........
361Ans) President
362Ans) Six Months
363Ans) Lok Sabha Speaker
364Ans) President
365Ans) President on the basis of resolution by Parliament
366Ans) Either House
367Ans) Either Hindi , English or Mother Tongue
368Ans) 8
369Ans) Parliament of India
370Ans) Right to property
371Ans) Supreme Court Only
372Ans) 1989
373Ans) Article 350B
374Ans) Fundamental Duty
375Ans) 1976
376Ans) National Integration
377Ans) Respect for the Government
378Ans) Unstarred Question
379Ans) Unstarred Question
380Ans) Chief Election Commissioner
381Ans) Article 8
382Ans) The 86th Constitutional Amendment
383Ans) President
384Ans) Article 32
385Ans) Right to Property
386Ans) President
387Ans) Sindhi
388Ans) Governor
389Ans) Schedule One
390Ans) President of India

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