Indian Constitution 10

271Which article of Constitution of India speaks about impeachment of the President of India?
A) Article 58
B) Article 61
C) Article 62
D) Article 63
272Which article of Constitution of India defines the Money Bill?
A) Article 103
B) Article 114
C) Article 110
D) Article 113
273Which is the correct age of retirement of Judge of Supreme Court?
A) 55 years
B) 60 years
C) 65 years
D) 70 years
274Which body has been set up under the mandate of Constitution of India?
A) National Advisory Council
B) Planning Commission
C) Interstate Council
D) National Human Ritghts commission
275Which in the list was inserted in the constitution of India as per the recommendation of Swaran Singh Committee?
A) Fundamental Rights
B) Freedom of Speech
C) Fundamental Duties
D) None of These
276The Supreme Court of India tenders legal advice to president of India when___?
A) Cabinet recommends it
B) Council of Minister recommends it
C) President needs it
D) Parliament recommends it
277In which in the below list parts of Constitution of India are enshrined the Fundamental Duties?
A) Part II
B) Part IIIA
C) Part IVA
D) Part VI
278How many freedoms are guaranteed by Article 19 (Right to Freedom)?
A) Three
B) Five
C) Six
D) Eight
279The makers of Constitution of India chose the scheme of federation of India, from which in the below list countries?
A) Russia
D) Canada
280Initially,  for how long presidential rule can be imposed in a state?
A) 3 months
B) 6 months
C) 9 months
D) 12 months
281The right to constitutional remedies allows Indian citizens to stand up for their rights against anybody even the government of India. Which article says this?
A) Article 31
B) Article 32
C) Article 33
D) Article 34
282An Individual Minister can be removed by ______?
A) Prime Minister
B) Council of Ministers
C) Parliament
D) President
283Who in the below list is the Supreme Commander of Indian armed forces?
A) President of India
B) Vice President of India
C) Prime Minister of India
D) Defense Minister of India
284Within what periods, the Prime Minister of India should become a member of Parliament, if he/ she is not at the time of swearing in?
A) 6 months
B) 9 months
C) 12 Months
D) 15 months
285Till now how many judges of Supreme Court of India have been removed from Office through impeachment?
A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) None
286How many members can be nominated by the president to the Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha Respectively?
A) 12 & 2
B) 10 & 2
C) 12 & 4
D) 12 & 6
287Which schedule of Constitution of India talks about the allocation of seats in Rajya Sabha?
A) Third Schedule
B) Fourth Schedule
C) Fifth Schedule
D) Sixth Schedule
288Till now, the Preamble of Constitution of India has been amended for how many times?
A) Never
B) Once
C) Twice
D) Thrice
289If President and Vice President, both are unavailable, who can discharge the functions?
A) Prime Minister
B) Lok Sabha Speaker
C) Chief Justice of India
D) Any person nominated by President or Vice President
290For how many times, a person can become President of India?
A) Once
B) Twice
C) Thrice
D) No limit
291Which in the below list of articles helped the Madarsas in India to remain out of purview of the Right to Education Act?
A) Article 26
B) Article 27
C) Article 29
D) Article 30
292Right to vote can be placed in which of the below list of categories?
A) Fundamental Right
B) Constitutional Right
C) Fundamental Duty
D) None of These
293President can proclaim a state of Financial emergency under which of the below list of articles?
A) Article 345
B) Article 352
C) Article 360
D) Article 375
294Which schedule of Indian constitution contains languages?
A) 6th
B) 7th
C) 8th
D) 9th
295The constitution of India does not provide for impeachment of which in the below list?
A) Chief Justice of India
B) President of India
C) Vice President of India
D) Governor of an Indian State
296The age for retirement of judges from supreme courts and high courts are respectively ?
A) 65 & 62
B) 65 & 60
C) 65 & 65
D) 65 & 63
297What is the minimum years of age for candidate for office of the vice president?
A) 25
B) 30
C) 35
D) 28
298Who appoints Chairman of UPSC?
A)  President
B) Parliament
C) Union Home Minister
D) Cabinet Committee on Appointments
299Who in the below list is called the " guardian of the public purse" of India?
A)  Governor of Reserve bank of India
B) Finance Minister of India
C) Comptroller & Auditor General of India
D) Supreme Court of India
300Which schedule of the Indian Constitution divides the legislative powers between the Union and states?
A) 6th schedule
B) 7th schedule
C) 8th schedule
D) 9th schedule

Check below for Answers.........
271Ans) Article 61
272Ans) Article 110
273Ans) 65 years
274Ans) Interstate Council
275Ans) Fundamental Duties
276Ans) President needs it
277Ans) Part IVA
278Ans) Six
279Ans) Canada
280Ans) 6 months
281Ans) Article 32
282Ans) President
283Ans) President of India
284Ans) 6 months
285Ans) None
286Ans) 12 & 2
287Ans) Fourth Schedule
288Ans) Once
289Ans) Chief Justice of India
290Ans) No limit
291Ans) Article 30
292Ans) Constitutional Right
293Ans) Article 360
294Ans) 8th
295Ans) Governor of an Indian State
296Ans) 65 & 62
297Ans) 35
298Ans) President
299Ans) Comptroller  Auditor General of India
300Ans) 7th schedule

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