India Information 8

211Akash missile was test fired recently. It is a/an?
 A) Surface to surface missile
 B) Surface to air misile
 C) Air to air missile
 D) Super sonic missile
212In terms of area, which is the smallest state in India ?
 (A) Goa
 (B) Sikkim
 (C) Nagaland
 (D) Tripura
213Which of the following is NOT a Union Territory?
 A) Goa
 B) Lakshadweep
 C) Dadar and Nagar Haveli
 D) Chandigarh
214What is the new name of the former Soviet aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov, which has been procured by India?
 A) INS Vikrant
 B) INS Viraat
 C) INS Vikramaditya
 D) INS Chakra
215Which of the following ports is called the "Offspring of Partition" as it was developed after the partition as a substitute for Karachi port?
 A) Paradip
 B) Ennore
 C) Tuticorin
 D) Kandla
216Which state created a new Limca record by holding the largest guitar ensemble of the country in which 5,406 guitarists paid tribute to legendary singer Bhupen Hazarika in June 2012?
 A) Meghalaya
 B) Assam
 C) Odisha
 D) Manipur
217Where is the National Environm-ental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) located?
 A) Lucknow
 B) Hyderabad
 C) Chennai
 D) Coimbatore
218In which of the following states a new Greenfield airport will be constructed at Holongi at a cost of Rs.650 crore?
 A) Karnataka
 B) Arunachal Pradesh
 C) Himachal Pradesh
 D) Kerala
219The Tagore University for Liberal Arts is the first of the proposed 'innovation univers-ities'. It will come up in which of the following cities?
 A) Pune
 B) Kolkata
 C) Bangalore
 D) Hyderabad
220The world's highest polling booth is located at the height of 15,000 feet above the mean sea level at Hikkam in Lahaul and Spiti assembly constituency in which state?
 A) Assam
 B) Uttarakhand
 C) Arunachal Pradesh
 D) Jammu& Kashmir
221As per recent Census, India-s total population stands at _________ as on March 1, 2011  (announced by Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde  in May 2013).
 A) 1.01 billion
 B) 1.11 billion
 C) 1.21 billion
 D) 1.28 billion
222Who was the Indian prisoner in Pakistan jail, died due to cardiac arrest after 6 days of brutal assault by Pakistani Jail inmates in May 2013?
 A) Sanjit Singh
 B) Sarabjit Singh
 C) Kashmir Singh
 D) None of These
223The Union Cabinet of India has given its approval to declare the year 2013 as ___________ Year in May 2013.
 A) Forest Conservation
 B) Soil Conservation
 C) River Conservation
 D) Water Conservation
224The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) declared India's which area as a world biosphere reserve under its Man and the Biosphere Programme in May 2013?
 A) Nilgiri Hills
 B) Nicobar Islands
 C) Lakshadeep Islands
 D) None of These
225India's first all women police station was opened in which of the following state/Union Territory?
 A) Arunachal Pradesh
 B) Puduchery
 C) Maharashtra
 D) New Delhi
226Which Indian state was declared as the first Smoke-free state of the country in July 2013?
 A) Haryana
 B) Punjab
 C) Himachal Pradesh
 D) Gujarat
227The Union Cabinet has accorded in-principle approval for formation of a ____________ as new aviation regulator with full operational and financial autonomy in July 2013.
 A) Directorate General of Civil Aviation
 B) Directorate General of Civil Authority
 C) Civil Aviation Authority
 D) None of These
228The iconic telegram became a history in July 2013 and with this the ______ old telegram service in the country comes to an end.
 A) 168-year
 B) 165-year
 C) 163-year
 D) 161-year
229Controversial Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi passed away in July 2013. His name was involved in which scandal?
 A) Coalgate Scandal
 B) Bofors scandal
 C) Scorpene Deal scam
 D) Tatra scam
230The Congress Working Committee, CWC, has unanimously passed a resolution in favour of creating a separate state of Telengana out of Andhra Pradesh in July 2013. It will be the _____ State of the country.
 A) 28th
 B) 30th
 C) 29th
 D) 27th
231Which Indian Airport was renamed as "Kempegowda" International Airport in July 2013?
 A) Mangalore
 B) Bengaluru
 C) Mysore
 D) Kochin
232The B.C. Roy award was given in the field of?
 A) Chemistry
 B) Social Work
 C) Mathematics
 D) Medicine
233Which Hindi litterateur has been selected for the prestigious Vyas Samman for 2012 for his historical novel -Na Bhooto Na Bhavishyati-
 A) M. S. Swaminathan
 B) Pratibha Ray
 C) Manoj Das
 D) Narendra Kohli
234Prof. Nibir Mandal of Jadavpur University has been selected for the G. D. Birla Award for Scientific Research for his work in the area of _________.
 A) Genetic Engineering
 B) Structural geology
 C) Physiology
 D) Biotechnology
235Jnanpith Award is given for excellence in the field of ____________.
 A) Literature
 B) Arts
 C) Science
 D) Music and Movies
236In which year was the Dada Saheb Phalke Award instituted?
 A) 1967
 B) 1969
 C) 1971
 D) 1974
237Which of the following awards is given in the field of literature?
 A) Saraswati Samman
 B) Dada saheb Phalke Award
 C) Kalinga Prize
 D) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
238Which of the following awards is given for contribution in the area of science & technology?
 A) Kalidas Samman
 B) Arjuna Award
 C) Phalke Ratna Award
 D) Vyas Samman
239Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Prize is named after the founder Direc-tor General of?
240Moortidevi Award is given for excellence in ___________?
 A) Social Service
 B) Literature
 C) Films
 D) Classical dance

Check below for the answers......
211Ans) Surface to air misile
212Ans) Goa
213Ans) Goa
214Ans) INS Vikramaditya
215Ans) Kandla
216Ans) Assam
217Ans) Nagpur
218Ans) Arunachal Pradesh
219Ans) Pune
220Ans) Himachal Pradesh
221Ans) 1.21 billion
222Ans) Sarabjit Singh
223Ans) Water Conservation
224Ans) Nicobar Islands
225Ans) Arunachal Pradesh
226Ans) Himachal Pradesh
227Ans) Civil Aviation Authority
228Ans) 163-year
229Ans) Bofors scandal
230Ans) 29th
231Ans) Bengaluru
232Ans) Medicine
233Ans) Narendra Kohli
234Ans) Structural geology
235Ans) Literature
236Ans) 1969
237Ans) Saraswati Samman
238Ans) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
239Ans) CSIR
240Ans) Literature