India Information 6

151When was the centre for Science and Environment set up?
 A) 1985
 B) 1978
 C) 1980
 D) 1963
152When was the Environmental Defense Fund established?
 A) 1965
 B) 1967
 C) 1970
 D) 1975
153Which of the following organizations looks after the credit needs of agriculture and rural development in India?
154What does FIEO stand for
 A) Forum of Indian Export Organization
 B) Federation of Indian Export Organization
 C) Foundation of Indian Export Organization
 D) Foreign Indian Economic Organisation
155What does NPCIL stand for?
 A) Nuclear Power Center of India Ltd
 B) Nuclear Power Company of India Ltd
 C) Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd
 D) Nuclear Power and Co-operation Industries Ltd.
156According to new guidelines set by which body, participation of every child artist is entitled to a set of conditions which should be ensured by the producers and parents to check the child participation in the reality shows?
 C) National Commission for Protection of Child Rights
 D) Film and Television Institute of India
157Who was the first Indian to be honored with the Param Vir Chakra?
 A)     Major Som Nath Sharma
 B)     Lt Manoj Kumar Pandey
 C)     Captain Vikram Batra
 D)    None of these
158 The Bharatendu Harishchandra awards have been instituted by the:
 A) Hindi Sahatiya Sammelan
 B) Government of Uttar Pradesh
 C) Government of Madhya Pradesh
 D) Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
159In Which Category, Dwijen Mukherjee has got the Padma Bhusan award in 2011?
 A) Art
 B) Trade and Industry
 C) Civil Services
 D) Social work
160Who among them all is not a recipient of Bharat Ratna?
 A) Ravi Shankar
 B) Amartya Sen
 C) Gopinath Bordoloi
 D) Asha Bhosle
161Who has received Bharat Ratna in 2008?
 A) Shashi Kapoor
 B) Bhimsen Joshi
 C) Shri Azim Premji
 D) Bismillah Khan
162BC Roy award is given in the field of
163Which of the following award is associated with Agriculture?
 A) Bourlog Award
 B) Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar
 C) Arjun Award
 D) Vyasa Samman
164Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awards is provided in which category?
 A) Social work
 B) Literature
 C) Arts
 D) Sciene
165Out of 27 members of the European Union, which country is India's biggest trade partner?
 A) UK
 B) France
 C) Germany
 D) Italy
166Which of the following was the biggest contributor of FDI in India?
 A)  Mauritius
 B)  USA
 C)  Japan
 D)  UK
167Which of the following estimates the National Income in India?
 A) Central Statistical Organization
 B) National Income Committee
 C) Planning commission
 D) Reserve Bank of India
168In India which of the following taxes is levied by the state governments?
 A) Excise duty on liquor
 B) Capital gains tax
 C) Customs tax
 D) corporation tax
169SDR, the currency of the IMF, is in the form of
 A) Paper Currency
 B) Gold
 C) Silver and Gold both
 D) Book keeping entry only
170"Hindu Rate of growth" refers to the rate of growth of
 B) Population
 C) Food grains
 D) Per capita income
171Which among the following body finalizes the market-borrowing programmers of State Governments in India?
 A) State Governments
 C) Union Ministry of Finance
 D) Planning Commission
172Which core sector industry has the highest weight in the index of Industrial Production (IIP)?
 A) Crude Oil
 B) Petroleum refinery Products
 C) Coal
 D) Electricity
173India spends its highest forex reserves/amounts to import which commodity?
 A) Gold
 B) Crude Oil
 C) Coal
 D) Steel
174India earns highest forex amount from export of which commodity?
 A) Tea
 B) Iron
 C) Cotton
 D) Coal
175Which sector in the list is part of eight core sectors in India?
 A) Garment
 B) Fertilizer
 C) Leather
 D) Jute
176India's headline inflation is calculated using?
 A) Retail Price Index
 B) Consumer Price Index
 C) Wholesale Price Index
 D) None of These
177Indian Government earned revenues from private companies mainly through?
 A) Income Tax
 B) Sales Tax
 C) Excise Tax
 D) Corporate Tax
178Which sector has the highest weight in the Gross Domestic Savings of India?
 A) Private Sector
 B) Government Sector
 C) House Hold Sector
 D) Public Sector
180The southernmost point of India-s territory is
 A) The Indira Point
 B) Kanyakumari
 C) Pondicherry
 D) Lakshadweep

Check below for Answers.........
152Ans) 1967
153Ans) NABARD
154Ans) Federation of Indian Export Organization
155Ans) Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd
156Ans) National Commission for Protection of Child Rights
157Ans) Major Som Nath Sharma
158Ans) Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
159Ans) Art
160Ans) Asha Bhosle
161Ans) Bhimsen Joshi
162Ans) Medicine
163Ans) Bourlog Award
164Ans) Sciene
165Ans) Germany
166Ans) Mauritius
167Ans) Central Statistical Organization
168Ans) Excise duty on liquor
169Ans) Book keeping entry only
170Ans) GDP
171Ans) Planning Commission
172Ans) Electricity
173Ans) Crude Oil
174Ans) Cotton
175Ans) Fertilizer
176Ans) Wholesale Price Index
177Ans) Corporate Tax
178Ans) House Hold Sector
180Ans) The Indira Point