India Information 3

61India's Thummalapali Uranium mine, world-s one of the largest Uranium store, situated in which state?
A) Andhra Pradesh
B) Maharashtra
C) Karnataka
D) Madhya Pradesh
62Which Indian sportsman, fist in the category has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha as MP?
A) Mahesh Bhupati
B) Sunil Gavaskar
C) Sachin Tendulkar
D) Prakash Padukone
63Asia's first Dolphin Research Institute to be established in?
A) Chennai
B) Mumbai
C) Kozikode
D) Patna
64Which state has launched a solar power system on a dam to provide power to villages?
A) Gujarat
B) Maharashtra
C) Madhya Pradesh
D) Rajasthan
65Indian Navy commissioned its latest frigate INS Teg in collaboration with which Country?
B) France
C) Russia
66UNESCO has included India-s which place in the list of its world heritage sites in June 2012?
A) Nilgiri Area
B) Eastern Ghats
C) Western Ghats
D) Ladakh
67Which Online portal/page Indian Railways has recently to track movements of all the running trains across the country?
A) RailTracker
B) RailInquiry
C) RailRunningInfo
D) RailRadar
68India's Central Drug Research Institute located in which City?
A) Chennai
B) New Delhi
C) Lucknow
D) Hyderabad
69The census in India is done after?
A) 12 Years
B) 15 years
C) 10 years
D) 20 years
70Which Indian University is known by "Oxford of the East"?
A) Benaras Hindu University
C) Allahabad University
D) Delhi University
71Which in the list was the 100th mission of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)?
A) PSLV C-12
C) PSLV C- 16
D) PSLV C-21
72As per Census 2011 of India, India's population growth rate during 2001-11 stood at?
A) 17.64 %
B) 12.15%
C) 14.5%
D) 19.26%
73India has purchased 10 C-17 Globemaster III heavy-lift transport aircraft from which country?
B) Russia
C) France
74"Film and Television Institute of India" (FTII) is located in which city?
A) Hyderabad
B) Kolkata
C) Mumbai
D) Pune
75Which Indian City is termed as the Silver Platter City of India?
A) Aurangabad
B) Jaipur
C) Pune
D) Bangalore
76The Forest Research institute is located in?
A) Bhopal
B) Dehradun
C) Nainital
D) Indore
77The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) is located in which city?
A) Nagpur
B) Dehradun
C) Bhopal
D) Shimla
78Indian Science Congress of 2012 was held in which city?
A) New Delhi
B) Bhubaneswar
C) Bangalore
D) Hyderabad
79Which state in the list does not belong to the Seven Sisters of India?
A) Nagaland
B) Tripura
C) Asam
D) Sikkim
80Which in the list is the first Computer University of India?
A) Rajiv Gandhi Computer University
B) Indira Gandhi Computer University
C) National Computer University
D) Sardar Patel Computer University
81Which Organization compile the national income and GDP numbers for India?
A) Planning Commission
B) Central Statistical Organization
C) Finance Ministry
D) Central Financial Organization
82Thw world's highest rail bridge is being constructed in Jammu and Kashmir on which river?
A) Ganga
B) Jheelum
C) Chenab
D) Yamuna
83What is the name of first satelite of India sent into space?
A) Agni
B) Rohini
C) Aryabhatta
D) Aakash
84Which state has the highest slum population in India according to Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation Ministry?
A) Orissa
B) Andhra Pradesh
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) Maharashtra
85India has successfully test fired a ballistic missile with a strike range of around 1500 kilometers from an underwater platform in Bay of Bengal in Jan 2013. What is the name of this submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM)?
A) K-3
B) K-5
C) K-10
D) K-6
86Which court has become first district court to use complete E-stamping Facility in Jan 2013?
A) Patiala House
B) Delhi High Court
C) Chandigarh Court
D) Pune Court
87Pune based CDAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) has launched its fastest computer -Param Yuva II- in Feb 2013. What is the processor speed of this computer?
A) 500 TeraFlop
B) 700 TeraFlop
C) 1000 TeraFlop
D) 800 TeraFlop
88What is the name of new luxury coach introduced during Railway budget 2013?
A) Anubhab
B) Anubhuti
C) Anudhriti
D) None of These
89Which country has emerged as the world-s largest importer of major conventional weapons in the world during the five-year period 2008-12?
A) India
B) China
C) Pakistan
D) South Korea
90Union Minister of Communications & IT, Kapil Sibal has inaugurated the First All Women Employees Post Office of India in which city in March 2013?
A) Mumbai
B) Bangalore
C) New Delhi
D) Hyderabad

Check below for Answers.........
61Ans) Andhra Pradesh
62Ans) Sachin Tendulkar
63Ans) Patna
64Ans) Gujarat
65Ans) Russia
66Ans) Western Ghats
67Ans) RailRadar
68Ans) Lucknow
69Ans) 10 years
70Ans) Allahabad University
71Ans) PSLV C-21
72Ans) 17.64 %
73Ans) USA
74Ans) Pune
75Ans) Bangalore
76Ans) Dehradun
77Ans) Nagpur
78Ans) Bhubaneswar
79Ans) Sikkim
80Ans) Rajiv Gandhi Computer University
81Ans) Central Statistical Organization
82Ans) Chenab
83Ans) Aryabhatta
84Ans) Maharashtra
85Ans) K-5
86Ans) Patiala House
87Ans) 500 TeraFlop
88Ans) Anubhuti
89Ans) India
90Ans) New Delhi