India Information 14

391Which in the below list is 22nd state of Indian union?
 A) Goa
 B) Arunanchal Pradesh
 C) Sikkim
 D) Chattishgarh
392Jahanagir Mahal is located at which of the below forts?
 A) Lahore Fort
 B) Agra Fort
 C) Red Fort, New Delhi
 D) Jaipur Fort
393Which in the below list is the first state / UT  to announce 100% financial inclusion in India?
 A) Pondicherry
 B) Chandigarh
 C) Kerala
 D) Daman and Diu
394What is the ISO code for the Indian rupee is INR?
 A) ISO 4217
 B) ISO 3166
 C) ISO 4157
 D) ISO 4212
395Which in the below list is not an indicator of Human Development Index?
 A) National income
 B) Life expectancy
 C) Educational level
 D) GDP Growth
396Under whom (Chief Justices of India), the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) got a new dimension?
 A) Justice P. N. Bhagwati
 B) Justice E.S. Venkataramiah
 C) Justice Y. V. Chandrachud
 D) Justice Raghunandan Swarup Pathak
397First Indian Satellite Aryabhatta was launched in _____________.
 A) 1972
 B) 1973
 C) 1975
 D) 1984
398Protection of wild life comes under ___________________.
 A) Fundamental Right
 B) Fundamental Duty
 C) Fundamental Principles
 D) None of These
399Which is India's first Greenfield airport developed under the public-private partnership?
 A) Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
 B) Indira Gandhi International Airport
 C) Chatrapati Sibaji Internationl Airport
 D) Bangalore Internationl Airport
400Which Indian state produces largest fraction of rubber produced in India?
 A) Maharashtra
 B) Kerala
 C) Tamil Nadu
 D) Andhra Pradesh
401Which state is the largest producer of Sugarcane in India?
 A) UP
 B) Maharastra
 C) Karnataka
 D) Tamilnadu
402The Assam Reorganization act 1969 created which in the below list State / states?
 A) Meghalya only
 B) Meghalaya & Mizoram
 C) Mizoram only
 D) Manipur, Tripura & Nagaland
403Which in the below list is 28th state of India?
 A) Goa
 B) Uttranchal
 C) Jharkhand
 D) Chattishgarh
404Central Food Technological Research Institute is located at _______________.
 A) Mysore
 B) Lucknow
 C) Kanpur
 D) Dehradun
405Who was the first recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke Award?
 A) Dilip Kumar
 B) Raj kapoor
 C) Satyajit Ray
 D) Devika Rani
406Which Indian state is first state in India to set up a directorate of social audit ?
 A) Andhra Pradesh
 B) Karnataka
 C) Himachal Pradesh
 D) Gujrat
407What is the main language of Nagaland?
 A) Naga
 B) Khasi
 C) English
 D) Manipuri
408Which state is the largest producer of Coffee?
 A) Assam
 B) Kerala
 C) Karnataka
 D) Tamil Nadu
409In India whose salary is exempted from Income Tax?
 A) Prime Minister
 B) All Ministers
 C) President
 D) Speaker of Lok Sabha
410Which in the below list is first Classical Language?
 A) Sanskrit
 B) Odiya
 C) Malayalam
 D) Tamil
411Where is located the Great Banyan Tree in India?
 A) Kanpur
 B) Kolkata
 C) Kochin
 D) Dehradun
412Where is the headquarter of "Anusheelan Samiti"?
 A) Patna
 B) Allahabad
 C) Kolkata
 D) Varanasi
413Which in the below list of states in India has highest production of "large Cardamom"?
 A) Kerala
 B) Karnataka
 C) Sikkim
 D) West Bengal
414Which year is known as India's Smiling Buddha Year?
 A) 1962
 B) 1971
 C) 1974
 D) 1977
415The Calico Textile Museum is located at _________?
 A) Hyderabad
 B) Hyderabad
 C) Bangalore
 D) Ahmedabad
416Which is longest River bridge in India?
 A) Rabindra Setu
 B) Mahatma Gandhi Setu
 C) Indira Gandhi Bridge
 D) Vidyasagar Setu
417Where is located Pancha Mahal?
 A) Agra
 B) Kanpur
 C) Fatehpur Sikri
 D) Hyderabad
418In which year Uttranchal was renamed as Uttarakhand?
 A) 2007
 B) 2000
 C) 2002
 D) 2006
419Which Indian state in the list was not a Union Territory before it was elevated from the status of Union-Territories to the status of Full Fledged state ?
 A) Himachal Pradesh
 B) Manipur
 C) Tripura
 D) Sikkim
420Which plan document has a subtitle "Inclusive growth" ?
 A) 10th Five year Plan
 B) 11th Five year Plan
 C) Bhart Nirman
 D) 12th Five year Plan

Check below for Answers.........
391Ans) Sikkim
392Ans) Agra fort
393Ans) Pondicherry
394Ans) ISO 4217
395Ans) National income
396Ans) Justice P. N. Bhagwati
397Ans) 1975
398Ans) Fundamental Duty
399Ans) Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
400Ans) Kerala
401Ans) UP
402Ans) Meghalya only
403Ans) Jharkhand
404Ans) Mysore
405Ans) Devika Rani
406Ans) Andhra Pradesh
407Ans) English
408Ans) Karnataka
409Ans) President
410Ans) Tamil
411Ans) Kolkata
412Ans) Kolkata
413Ans) Sikkim
414Ans) 1974
415Ans) Ahmedabad
416Ans) Mahatma Gandhi Setu
417Ans) Fatehpur Sikri
418Ans) 2007
419Ans) Sikkim
420Ans) 11th Five year Plan

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