Important Days Terms Events 4

91Potamology means:
 A) The study of potted plants
 B) The study of rivers
 C) The study of fossils and ancient life forms
 D) The study of organisms as affected by climate
92Entomology is the study of
 A) Bones
 B) Birds
 C) Fishes
 D) Insects
93The science dealing with the description, identification, naming, and classification of organisms is known as
 A) Taxonomy
 B) Biology
 C) Zoology
 D) Ornithology
94FFC is an abbreviation for
 A) Film Finance Corporation
 B) Federation of Football Council
 C) Foreign Finance Corporation
 D) Federation of Funds and Commerce
95What does GPI stand for?
 A) Global Price Index
 B) Global Peace Index
 C) Genuine Price Index
 D) Genuine Progress Index
96What is the study of fingerprints called?
 A) Graphology
 B) Botany
 C) Dactyloscopy
 D) Biology
97The science of the enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code is called
 A) Cryptanalysis
 B) Cryptosystem
 C) Ciphertext
 D) Cryptology
98A -baker's dozen- would signify which of the following numbers?
 A) 14
 B) 12
 C) 13
 D) 15
99What does UPSC stand for?
 A) Uttar Pradesh Service Commission
 B) Union Police Service Commission
 C) Union Public Service Commission
 D) Union Postal Services Company
100The study of origin and history of words is called
 A) Ethology
 B) Etymology
 C) Genealogy
 D) Linguistics
101The study of the sign system language is:
 A) Penology
 B) Phytology
 C) Phonology
 D) Psephology
102What is the full form of SEZ?
 A) Special Economic Zone
 B) Special Educational Zone
 C) Social and Economic Zone
 D) Special Execution Zone
103What is the radio code signal of extreme distress called?
 A) Morse
 C) Dots and Dashes
 D) 009
104What is the full form of INTERPOL?
 A) International Crime Police Commission
 B) International Political Conference
 C) International Committee of Police Officers
 D) International Police
105What is the full form of MODVAT?
 A) Modified Value Additional Tax
 B) Modified Value Added Tax
 C) Multiplied Value Added Tax
 D) Modified Value Added Tariff
106What does CLASP stand for?
 A) Comprehensive, Lightweight Application Security Process
 B) Child Labour Action and Support Project
 C) Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program
 D) Concealed Lightweight Application Security Process
107What does GATT stand for?
 A) General Agreement on Trading Technologies
 B) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
 C) General Agreement on Transportation Technologies
 D) General Agreement on Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
108Potamology means:
 A) The study of potted plants
 B) The study of rivers
 C) The study of fossils and ancient life forms
 D) The study of organisms as affected by climate
109What does the term GPS stand for?
 A) Global Positioning System
 B) Government Positioning Satellites
 C) Global Positioning Satellites
 D) Going Places Sometimes
110NIA stands for
 A) National Aeronautics Agency
 B) National Investigation Agency
 C) National Armament Agency
 D) None of these
111What does GST stand for?
 A) Global Security Treaty
 B) Goods and Services Tax
 C) Geo Stationary Transmission
 D) Grand Surveillance Turbine
112National Safe Motherhood Day is observed on _____________.
 A) 3rd April
 B) 8th April
 C) 21st April
 D) 11th April
113World House Sparrow Day is observed on which day?
 A) March 20
 B) March 21
 C) March 22
 D) March 23
114Non Resident Indian Day (NRI Day) is celebrated on?
 A) January 15
 B) January 9
 C) January 24
 D) January 12
115When is the National Energy Conservation Day celebrated?
 A) August 9
 B) December 14
 C) November 11
 D) November 10
116International Jazz Day is organized by UNESCO every year on?
 A) May 27
 B) April 30
 C) May 31
 D) October 30
117"International Labour Day" is observed on __________.
 A) 8-May
 B) 3-May
 C) 11-May
 D) 1-May
118"Anti-tobacco Day" is observed on __________.
 A) 21-May
 B) 11-May
 C) 18-May
 D) 31-May
119"Press Freedom Day" is observed on __________.
 A) 8-May
 B) 3-May
 C) 11-May
 D) 1-May
120"World Asthma Day" is observed on __________.
 A) First Tuesday of May
 B) First Monday of May
 C) First Sunday of May
 D) First Friday of May

Check below for the answers......
91Ans) The study of rivers
92Ans) Insects
93Ans) Taxonomy
94Ans) Federation of Football Council
95Ans) Global Peace Index
96Ans) Dactyloscopy
97Ans) Cryptology
98Ans) 13
99Ans) Union Public Service Commission
100Ans) Etymology
101Ans) Phonology
102Ans) Special Economic Zone
103Ans) SOS
104Ans) International Crime Police Commission
105Ans) Modified Value Added Tax
106Ans) Child Labour Action and Support Project
107Ans) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
108Ans) The study of rivers
109Ans) Global Positioning System
110Ans) National Investigation Agency
111Ans) Goods and Services Tax
112Ans) 11th April
113Ans) March 20
114Ans) January 9
115Ans) December 14
116Ans) April 30
117Ans) 1-May
118Ans) 31-May
119Ans) 3-May
120Ans) First Tuesday of May