Important Days Terms Events 1

1Full form of SIM used in Mobile
 A) Subscriber Ideal Module
 B) Subscriber in Mobile
 C) Subscriber Identity Module
 D) Subscriber Immediate Memory
2On which date recently International Women-s Day was observed?
 A) March 8
 B) March 11
 C) March 14
 D) March 17
3On which date is Nobel Prize awarded?
 A) December 10
 B) January 10
 C) April 10
 D) July 10
4World Health Day is celebrated on
 A) 7th April
 B) 13th April
 C) 13th March
 D) 7th March
5The year 2010 has been declared by UNESCO as:
 (A) International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures.
 (B) International Year of Astronomy
 (C) International Year for Disabled People
 (D) International year of Space
6The world day against Child Labour is celebrated on
 (A) 26th August
 (B) 7th September
 (C) 10th October
 (D) 12th June
7The year 2011 was declared by the United Nations as the International Year of
 A) Communications
 B) Forests
 C) Astronomy
 D) Potato
8The year 2009 has been declared by UNESCO:
 A) Disabled
 B) International Year of Astronomy
 C) Indigenous People
 D) Space
9World Environment Day is observed on
 A) 5th June
 B) 5th August
 C) 5th July
 D) 5th September
10When is the Commonwealth Day celebrated?
 A) May 1
 B) May 3
 C) Second Monday of March every year
 D) Last Monday of March every year
11When is the World Heart Day celebrated?
 A) Last Sunday of September
 B) First Sunday of December
 C) Last Sunday of December
 D) First Sunday of November
12World Consumer Day is celebrated throughout the world on
 A) February 22
 B) March 15
 C) April 8
 D) May 11
13According to election commission of India, national voters day is observed on
 A) 24th Jan
 B) 25th Jan
 C) 24th Feb
 D) 25th Feb
14Which date has been observed as World Human Rights Day?
 A) 30th November
 B) 10th December
 C) 20th December
 D) 30th December
15World Food Day' is observed on
 A) 5 October
 B) 10 October
 C) 12 October
 D) 16 October
16Which of the following days was observed as International Museum Day2011?
 A) 16 May
 B) 17 May
 C) 18 May
 D) 19 May
17International Day for Tolerance is observed on
 A) November 10
 B) November 16
 C) November 24
 D) November 28
18National Youth Day is observed on the birthday of Swami Vivekananda on
 A) January 5
 B) January 7
 C) January 12
 D) January 17
19World health day was celebrated on?
 A)  7th April
 B)  17th April
 C)  27th April
 D) None of These
20Anti Terrorism day observed in India on?
 A) 21st May
 B) 23rd May
 C) 25th May
 D) 30th May
21World Press Freedom day is observed on?
 A) 3rd May
 B) 5th May
 C) 12th May
 D) 21st May
22World Red Cross Day is observed on?
 A) 17th May
 B) 2nd May
 C) 8th May
 D) 12th May
23International Nurses Day is observed on?
 A) 17th May
 B) 2nd May
 C) 8th May
 D) 12th May
24World Telecommunication Day is observed on?
 A) 17th May
 B) 2nd May
 C) 8th May
 D) 12th May
25Anti-tobacco Day is observed on?
 A) 17th May
 B) 31st May
 C) 8th May
 D) 12th May
26Which day was observed as the World Environment Day (WED)?
 A) 10th June
 B) 15th June
 C) 5th June
 D) 25th June
27"World day against child labor" was observed on?
 A) 15th June
 B) 22nd June
 C) 12th June
 D) 2nd June
28World Blood donor day obsered on?
 A) 4th June
 B) 14th June
 C) 21st June
 D) 24th June
29International Day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking observed on?
 A) 16th June
 B) 26th June
 C) 22nd June
 D) 28th June
30"World Hepatitis Day" was observed on?
 A) 15th July
 B) 18th July
 C) 25th July
 D) 28th July

Check below for Answers.........
1Ans) Subscriber Identity Module
2Ans) March 8
3Ans) December 10
4Ans) 7th April
5Ans) International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures.
6Ans) 12th June
7Ans) Forests
8Ans) International Year of Astronomy
9Ans) 5th June
10Ans) Second Monday of March every year
11Ans) Last Sunday of September
12Ans) March 15
13Ans) 25th Jan
14Ans) 10th December
15Ans) 16 October
16Ans) 18 May
17Ans) November 16
18Ans) January 12
19Ans) 7th April
20Ans) 21st May
21Ans) 3rd May
22Ans) 8th May
23Ans) 12th May
24Ans) 17th May
25Ans) 31st May
26Ans) 5th June
27Ans) 12th June
28Ans) 14th June
29Ans) 26th June
30Ans) 28th July