GK Quiz: World Others –V

61 Which is considered as Fourth largest Railway system in the world
A) Chinese Railway System
B) Japanese railway system
C) Indian Railway System
D) Russian Railway System
62 G-15 is consists of ?
A) Developed countries
B) Second World Nations
C) Third World Nations
D) Fourth World Nations
63 Which of the European countries recently came into news for eruption of volcano?
A) England
B) Finland
C) Iceland
D) Denmark
64 The World’s first Homeopathy University is being established in-
A) Karnataka
B) Rajasthan
C) Tamil Nadu
D) Kerala
65 The deal ‘New START’ has recently been signed between-
A) Russia and USA
B) UK and Japan
C) India and China
D) China and Russia
66 Which of the following countries has banned smokers from applying for high-ranking executive jobs in the government?
A) Iran
B) Iraq
C) Israel
D) Ireland
67 Which of the following countries has recently suspended Google’s Mail service and planned to replace it by a new National service
A) Afghanistan
B) Iraq
C) Iran
D) Pakistan
68 Name the country that has recently developed a super computer that runs at more than one quadrillion (one thousand million) calculations per second
A) China
B) Japan
C) India
D) Germany
69 Who is the current chief justice of the United States of America?
A) John G. Roberts Jr.
B) Anthony Kennedy
C) John Paul Stevens
D) Stephen Breyer
70 Who has President Barack Obama nominated as Solicitor for the US Supreme Court?
A) Robert Gates,
B) Elena Kagan
C) Janet Napolitano
D) Lawrence Summers
71 China is building a hydropower project on the river
A) Brahmaputra
B) Tapi
C) Beas
D) Ravi
72 Who has been named the richest Asian in Britain for the year 2010?
A) Anil Ambani
B) Lakshmi Mittal
C) Mukesh Ambani
D) Vijay Mallya
73 Who is the current US Treasury Secretary?
A) Timothy Geithner
B) Paul Krugman
C) Nancy Pelosi
D) Alan Greenspan
74 What are the temperate grasslands of Asia and Europe called?
A) Pampas
B) Veldt
C) Savannah
D) Steppes
75 Which of the following countries are littoral states of Gulf of Aden, where Sea Piracy is expanding?
A) Yemen, Somalia and Djibouti
B) Somalia, Eritrea and Yemen
C) Ethiopia, Yemen and Somalia
D) Ethiopia, Djibouti and Eritrea


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