GK Quiz: World Others – VI

76 Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, is a national of which of the following countries?
  A) Switzerland
  B) Australia
  C) Norway
  D) Sweden
77 Guantanamo Bay, prisoner detention centre, is located in which of the following countries?
  A) Panama
  B) Cuba
  C) Mexico
  D) Fiji Islands
78 Which of the following countries has made broadband facility a legal right of every citizen?
  A) Norway
  B) Ireland
  C) U.S.A.
  D) Finland
79 Kuril Island is under territorial dispute between which countries?
  A) Japan and Russia
  B) South Korea and North Korea
  C) Japan and South Korea
  D) Japan and North Korea
80 Where is the Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano located?
  A) Hawaii Island
  B) Sumatra Island
  C) Galapagos Island
  D) Cape Verde
81 The government of which country has approved lifting of nearly 50 year old state of emergency on April 19,2011 ?
  A) Egypt
  B) Bahrain
  C) Syria
  D) Turkey
82 Which country described ISI as a “terrorist” organisation?
  A) Russia
  B) Britain
  C) USA
  D) Germany
83 Kuwait has recently declared plans to build four nuclear reactors by 2022 and signed a fiveyear memorandum with
  A) Russia
  B) USA
  C) Iran
  D) France
84 Which two countries have signed air transport agreement to resume direct flight after three decades?
  A) Italy and Britain
  B) Egypt and France
  C) Greece and Italy
  D) Egypt and Italy
85 Which country testfired surface to surface Fateh 110 missile?
  A) Iran
  B) Iraq
  C) Turkey
  D) Pakistan
86 Which country successfully launched its first high resolution mapping satellite in 2010?
  A) Japan
  B) South Korea
  C) China
  D) India
87 Sukhoi Superjet 100, which has completed static test programme recently, belongs to which country?
  A) Russia
  B) China
  C) Japan
  D) Israel
88 Which country has been elected for the post of Secretary in the Wildlife Crime Working Group of the Interpol for the first time?
  A) USA
  B) China
  C) India
  D) Japan
89 Which of the following did not sign an agreement on sharing Nile water between them?
  A) Egypt
  B) Kenya
  C) Tanzania Sudan
  D) Iran
90 Which country has launched the world’s first synthetic jet fuel?
  A) South Africa
  B) USA
  C) UK
  D) France


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