GK Quiz: World Others – IV

46 Which of the following two countries have been placed at the first position in the list of countries in terms of world competitiveness by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD)?
  A) Switzerland and Australia
  B) Sweden and Singapore
  C) Brazil andRussia
  D) Hong Kong and the US
47 Name the Chief of International Monetary Fund (IMF) who recently resigned following a sexual assault allegation
  A) Dominique Strauss-Kahn
  B) Michel Camdessus
  C) Horst Köhler
  D) Rodrigo de Rato
48 Who has been voted the “most inspirational and admired female role model” for businesswomen inBritain?
  A) JK Rowling
  B) Doris lessing
  C) Anita Brookner
  D) Alice Oswald
49 Which bird is the International symbol of happiness?
  A)Whooper Swan
  D)Canada Goose
50 Which of the following companies has enforced a law to ban smoking in public?
  A) Germany
  B) China
  C) India
  D) Chile
51 How many years has Tibetian Spiritual Leader Dalai Lama spent fighting forTibet’s freedom?
  A) 60
  B) 40
  C) 50
  D) 70
52 When did NASA launch the space shuttle Discovery?
  A) February 24, 2011
  B) February 20, 2011
  C) February 18, 2011
  D) February 14, 2011
53 Which of the following countries is a part of BASIC group?
  A)C roatia
  B) Colombia
  C) Cambodia
  D) China
54 Name the US University that has been shut down on the grounds that it was running a massive immigration racket and serving as an illegal entry point for students.
  A) Tri-Valley
  B) Loyola Marymount
  C) Pepperdine
  D) Loma Linda
55 Which university topped the Forbe’s list of “Billionaire Universities “ in 2010?
  A) Oxford University
  B) Harvard University
  C) New York University
  D) Stanford University
56 Who is the winner of the 2010 Miss World contest
  A) Irina Zhuravska
  B) Ksenia Sukhinova
  C) Alexandria Mills
  D) Tamara Almeida Silva
57 Which of the following countries has overtakenSouth Koreaas world’s top shipbuilder?
  A) Russia
  B) China
  C) Germany
  D) Japan
58 When was the meeting of the Agriculture Ministers of the BRIC nations (Brazil,Russia,IndiaandChina) held for the first time?
  A) March 2009
  B) December 2009
  C) February 2010
  D) March 2010
59 Who has received the “2010 Courage in Journalism” award from the International Women’s Media Foundation for her fearless efforts to report on human rights abuses in Chinese-occupiedTibet?
  A) Ani Pachen
  B) Tsering Woeser
  C) Sheng Xue
  D) Guerguina Dvoretzka
60 Which of the following countries became the new chair of the U.N. nuclear watchdog’s governing body.
  A) Kyrgyzstan
  B) Nepal
  C) Pakistan
  D) Bahrain

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